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Send your Pic/Logo to space for just $2….Really ???

Here’s Intospace scam. Intospace lets you pic/logo get into space for just $2…Seems too good to be true,rather a scam

One of the popular childhood passions that one has is to become an Astronaut.But as time passes,we realise that it’s not our cup of tea and those who get to have a chance for a ‘space ride’ create nothing but history.

The trend of commercial space trips are on the charts but it ‘s just not feasible for a common man to have such a ride(A space ride will cost $20 million through a Russian space shuttle)

So any cheap solution ?

IntoSpace is a website that claims to send your photo/logo into space for just $2.The date of launch will be somewhere in 2010 and there are 2,56,027 seats still left in this ‘strange’ spacetrip.The photo/logo will be resized to 0.4×0.4 inches(will the pic be even clearly visible !)

This is the size of an image that one should expect to be sent to space


If one goes for more than 20 seats then some discounts will be there..They have also kept a seperate shuttle(huh !) for bloggers with no fees charged to them(you just have to blog about them,that’s it !)

But the most important thing…Is it a Scam ?…Looks like it is…

With over 2,50,000 logos/pics in its kitty,it will make more than $5,00,000 to IntoSpace for practically doing nothing but just giving a promise of sending that catalog of pics/logos into space.Nobody would ever be able to verify if the logos/pics were sent or not.

Initial interest is just due to tremendously low price of a seat(0.4×0.4 inches) to space ride and certain level of curiocity but let a month or two pass and re-check the site..(to see if it is existant or not)


In my judgement,it’s a well executed scam.And even if it takes your pic to space then What ? Will it fetch you anything ?….I’m not convinced !

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