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Interested in Forex Trading? These Apps Are for You!

For those who have no idea what Forex is or what it stands for, this whole Wall Street-ish atmosphere may sound fascinating and exciting mostly because they`ve watched that Martin Scorsese`s masterpiece with Leonardo DiCaprio.

But those people who sweat every morning, checking breaking news of the financial world, know that it isn`t fun and games. But even if you represent the first type, you`ll still find our premium selection of Forex trading apps interesting because they will help you to get started and inspire you to get involved in this fascinating and nerve-wracking business. You can also learn forex trading course online.

The foreign currency market is like a wild jungle. It`s never steady. it has danger all over the place. And it has predators. So, having a trust-worthy guide sounds like a good idea.

We know some apps that will be like guiding stars for you. Leo DiCaprio`s character had no such opportunity, so we all should be grateful to the 21st century. With the Internet and IT development, our lives have turned into a modern-style paradise. You can order everything with one click, starting from food and ending with online essays. And, of course, you can choose apps which will be the most suitable for your business.

Trade Interceptor

If you`ve been planning on hiring a team of brokers and analytics who will constantly provide you with updated information, analyze the current situation on the market, and make reports, then you should probably try this app first. Then you`ll decide which option will be more efficient and productive. Trade Interceptor takes its job very seriously and gives you updates on foreign currency exchange, including e-currency, on a 24/7 basis. It has more than a hundred technical chart indicators and binary options.

And here comes the best feature of this financial app. Let`s say, you`re new to this whole Forex trading business and you`d like to try your hand at this in order to become a real wolf. By the way, real traders do use animalistic terminology in order to describe the types of stock market players.

There is a saying: bulls make money, bears make money, pigs get slaughtered. As you can see, there are no wolves there, but it`s not the point.

With the help of Trade Interceptor you can practice on a life-like simulator. This program uses real data from previous years, so you can see the whole picture of the modern economy.

NetDania Forex and Stocks

This app will allow you to feed two birds with one scone. It`s available for both iPhone users and Android fans, and it can do wonders. You have access to livestock and Forex exchange data, so you get a tight grip on the market. You`ll be receiving all notifications, so you`ll never miss any, even the slightest changes on the market that can give you endless opportunities.

NetDania Forex and Stocks is considered to be one of the best apps because of its simplicity, straightforwardness, and client-oriented policy. You won`t see charts, news, and data that you don`t need. You can adjust this app so it will work in sync with your business needs. What is more, it monitors the gold and silver markets – the sphere that certain other apps are missing out on. And to add a cherry on the top of a cake, we`ll tell you that it has around 25,000 financial instruments!

Thinkorswim Mobile

Actually, this title represents the culture of the stock and the Forex market completely. You`d better think twice. Otherwise, you may end up overboard.

But with this app, you`ll definitely become a captain of your own ship and sail into this scary market ocean like a pro. Thinkorswim Mobile isn`t just for news, information updates, live broadcasts, or simulated trading. It allows you to create an account that will work as your best Forex market manager.

With one click you`ll be able to sell and buy, see feedback from all financial operations, and analyze your further steps. What is more, it basically works like a social media platform for all traders. So, in case you want a piece of advice, you can address all Forex fellas. But please remember that it`s still the jungle with lots of predators.

Bloomberg Business Mobile App

Yes, you got it right. Bloomberg, the one which is an information agency, presented its own version of a Forex market app. And we couldn`t ask for more. The main function of the Bloomberg Business Mobile App is to provide you with information. But it does it significantly better than apps with a broader range of features.

All because Bloomberg has professional research groups and financial journalists to cover all those issues for you. If you`ve already signed up for Bloomberg, you`ll get easy access to its customized app.

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