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Intel unveils 8th generation ‘Coffee Lake’ CPUs for desktop PCs

Intel finally unveiled its 8th generation Core series of their with the launch of its flagship desktop chips. It has also introduced a 6-core/12-Thread Core i7-8700K, which according to Intel is the best gaming check. Intel has also upgraded version its Core i5 family with 6-core parts. Also, Core i3 now comes with 4-core parts.

The fastest chip of the lot, Core i7-8700 will offer a 25% increase framerate versus its 7th generation predecessor, i7-7700K which is a 4-core, 8-thread chip. According to the executives, it will offer around 45% faster speeds as compared to the 7th generation.

AMD Ryzen has a tradition of offering beefed up cores at the same price. By bumping up its power, Intel is not only making itself more competitive but also it is trying furrow one of the most important selling points of AMD Ryzen.

In August, Intel launched its 8 generation U-Series family which enhances the performance by about 40% as compared to the 7th generation. Intel’s new coffee lake processors will use Intel’s z370 chipset which offers the best in class single threaded performance and a much better multi-threaded performance.

The Z270 chipset in the previous generation used 2400-MHz DDR4 DRAM. However, Z370 chipset uses the 2666-MHz DDR4 DRAM. The latest generation comes with a considerable higher amount of clock speeds. Core i7 model comes up 12 MB of cache whereas Core i5 and Core i3 variants come with 9MB and 6MB variants respectively.

Last month, Intel unveiled 8th generation CPUs for laptops which are based on a completely different architecture, called Kaby Lake Refresh. Also, Intel is all set to announce its first 10nm processors for ultra-portable devices, codenamed as Cannonlake. Coffee Lake is a further modification of the already existing 14nm processor and is described as 14nm++.

Though the Desktop version of the CPUs needs new platform controller and new motherboards, it still has the same number of pins as 6th and 7th Generation models.

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