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Instavast Review: Comprehensive Suite of Instagram Marketing Tools

Company: Instavast

Industry: Online marketing and Digital marketing

Co-founder & CEO: Juan Perez

Funding: Bootstrapped

Has it ever occurred to you that your company’s online presence is suffering due to lack of traction on Instagram? If this thought hasn’t really crossed your mind then you’re clearly underestimating the marketing potential of Instagram. Your business absence on a platform that is officially dubbed as the ‘world’s most popular photo and video sharing social networking website’ can only be described as a ‘missed opportunity’ of reaching out to staggering 1 billion people, the current approximate monthly active users on Instagram.

Somewhere residing among these 1 billion people are your countless prospective customers who can unlock the latent growth of your business.  Today the herculean task of helping your business reach out to these scores of potential customers has been taken over by an upcoming company called Instavast.

Instavast is actually an automated Instagram bot that has been meticulously programmed for maximizing Instagram’s marketing potential for the growth of your business. This Instagram bot is loaded with wide-range of advanced features that will put your marketing initiative on an overdrive. Below we’ve explained some of these top-notch features.

100% Automation:

Instavast is a completely automated bot that will perform every important activity on its own. For instance, customer outreach, liking, commenting, following activities and several other critical activities. While Instavast’s automated bot takes over your Instagram marketing headache, you’ll find all the time in the world to create awesome content. The end outcome resulting from this collaboration will obviously yield positive results in the long run.

Proficient Targeting:

Instavast’s automated bot is empowered with intelligent filters that help to reach out to the most relevant and suitable audience for your business. This obviously means that the ones that are completely non-relevant for your niche are successfully filtered out. This efficient filtration process will help to put your business instantaneously on the growth trajectory

Deep Analytics:

Get the most analytical and thorough data on a behavioral pattern, demography and other important factors about your target audience. Instavast’s exhaustive data report will help to streamline and modify marketing strategy as per the needs and expectations of your target audience. For instance, if your target audience is demonstrating some new behavioral patterns through likes & comments then this will be duly brought forth by Instavast’s analytics report.

Unlimited Accounts:

Forget about adding one or two accounts. Instavast actually allows you to add countless Instagram accounts. This spells good news not only for those who run multiple Instagram pages for their numerous businesses but also for marketing agencies that have innumerable clients. Not to mention the convenience of managing all the accounts from a single dashboard.

Other Automation Tools:

Apart from a dedicated flagship Instagram bot, Instavast offers three separate automation tools. Each tool fulfills a host of unique functions that will help further to propel your business’s presence on Instagram.

  1. Automated Instagram DM: a welcome DM to every new follower as well as Mass DM to All your Followers to all your existing followers; unique messages for each new Campaign
  2. Instagram Post Schedule: Unlimited scheduled posts and draft uploads.
  3. Instagram Comment Manager: Efficiently manages all your Instagram comments.

Who can use Instavast?

Any small or big business owners who want to leverage Instagram’s marketing potential. Freelancers as well as digital marketing agencies catering to online marketing needs of their clients.


Instavast holds competitive advantages when it comes to the critical factor of pricing. Company’s modest pricing compared to its other competitors will help small business owners in reaching out to Instagram’s great marketing potential.

Instavast charges monthly $10 per account for all its automation services with 100% satisfaction and money back guarantee. Users can authenticate the efficiency of Instavast’s automation tools by signing up for 3-Day free trial.


A superlative automated Instagram platform like Instavast will certainly prove to be a boon for any business that wants to augment presence in the online world. With Instagram’s popularity growing relentlessly, a unique platform like this is surely a need of the hour. All its advanced and super-efficient bots are geared towards resolving our Instagram marketing predicaments.

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