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How To Install Free Games On Windows 8

If you want to install free games and applications similar to iOS  and android then learn here how to install free games on windows 8

Windows has walked the footsteps of iOS and Android by creating the Windows Store. This saves a lot of trouble for finding an app on the web then downloading it and scanning it for any potential infection. But with the Windows store you can grab hold of the most popular apps and games all with a single click without breaking a sweat over viruses and malwares!

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Albeit at present the Windows Store has very limited number of applications and games and most of which are paid ones but the number of both paid and free apps are increasing day by day. It is just a matter of time when Windows store will also house a many apps as Android and iOS stores have at present, the horizon is only expanding every day!

Though the downloading and installation process is copybook to any other online marketplace. For the first timers it might get little confusing, owing to the UI of the Store and its functions. In this article today we will take you through some of the easy and straight-forward steps explaining how to install free games on Windows 8 using the store.

So just follow these easy steps to know more:

Step 1–> Locate the Microsoft App Store tile on the metro UI screen of your Windows 8 PC or Laptop.

Step 2–> Once the Windows store is open, click on the Top Free tile in order to generate the list of all the best free games available for download.

Step 3–> Browse through the top free games list opened and click on any game to know more about it. Locate the game you are interested in and want to install.

Step 4–> Once you have selected the desired game one-click on it will take you to the game page where you can see everything about it. You can read the game’s description, see game ratings, see screenshots of the game and read user’s review for the game which can tell you about the quality of the game.

Step 5–> Now press the Install button in the game page to install the game on your system. You must be signed in with your Windows Live account or your Hotmail account. This step is mandatory and so if you are not signed in or not signed up yet for Microsoft then do it first and return here thereafter.

Step 6–> After hitting the Install button your game download will begin within a moment. Once the download is finished the game will be installed on your system and you will be able to see the game tile on your screen.

And that’s all. You can enjoy your game. Similarly you can install other free games as well as free applications on your Windows 8 PC or laptop.

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