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Instagram Reel’s Download feature now available globally   

Here are the top trending stories from the world of technology. Stories that every tech enthusiast should keep a tab on.


Instagram Reel’s Download feature now available globally   

Instagram had launched the ability to download reels from public accounts in June this year. However, back then this feature was available only to the users living in the U.S. But now this feature has been expanded to all the global Instagram users. This means that anyone can now download Reels from public accounts, regardless of whether they follow the account or not. To download the Instagram reels, users will have to tap and select the save button from the menu. The downloaded reels will be saved in your smartphone’s gallery. The Downloaded Reels will also include an Instagram watermark, the username of the account that posted the Reel, and audio attribution.


X to bring back ‘Article Headlines’ in Posts

X, formerly known as Twitter, is all set to bring back the article headline feature into the post. This news has been confirmed by Elon Musk himself through a tweet. This means pretty soon X users will be able to once again see the article headlines at a glance without having to click the link. The company had originally removed article headlines in October in an effort to “keep users on the site longer rather than clicking to outside content. However, many users were unhappy with this change, and X has now decided to reverse the decision. In addition, X is also reportedly working on number of new features, including feature that will allow users to filter their timelines by topic.


Formula one to use AI to track limit verification

Formula 1 is all set to experiment with artificial intelligence (AI) at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix for track limit verifications. The FIA, the motorsport governing body of Formula 1, will use AI system to determine whether a driver has left the track and gained an advantage. This will ultimately help race stewards in making accurate decisions about track limits penalties. This is first time that Formula 1 will be using AI to improve the accuracy and consistency during the race. The governing body has collaborated with Monaco-based company Kinemetrics to developed the AI system. Overall, the use of AI for track limits verifications is a promising development that has the potential to improve the fairness and consistency of Formula 1 racing.


OpenAI made a breakthrough that threatened humanity   

According to unconfirmed media reports, OpenAI researchers recently warned the company’s board of directors about a breakthrough in artificial intelligence that could pose a grave threat to humanity. The researchers’ concerns catered to a project called Q*, which was spearheaded by OpenAI’s chief scientist Ilya Sutskever. OpenAI’s researchers reportedly got panicked when project Q showed signs that it is capable of surpassing human intelligence in all respects. It was easily able to perform tasks that were previously thought to be beyond the reach of AI, the reports claimed. However, OpenAI, which is currently in news because of Sam Altman’s sudden sacking, still hasn’t commented anything on this report.


India is planning a law to tame Deepfake videos

Image Credit: Facebook

The Indian government is reportedly considering new regulations and law to address the potential harms of deepfakes. During last few weeks, social media platforms including Twitter has seen barrage of deepfake videos of several Indian celebrities as well as general public, causing grave concern among the people that deepfake videos could be used to spread information and ruin the reputation of people. However, there is still no clarity what regulatory measures is the Indian government planning but it is expected to start a public discourse over this matter.  Other countries are also planning to crackdown against deepfake videos.

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