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Instagram: It is Not Possible to Post Your Comment – A Deep Dive

Instagram: It is Not Possible to Post Your Comment

One of the most popular platforms of our era, Instagram, is not immune to glitches and issues. Among the many error messages that users encounter, “Instagram: It is not possible to post your comment” stands out as a particularly frustrating one. So, what does this message really mean, and how can you address it? Let’s explore.

Understanding the Issue

On the surface, when faced with “Instagram: It is not possible to post your comment,” it might seem like a minor hiccup. However, for influencers, marketers, or just regular users trying to engage with their followers or friends—and especially for those aspiring to become Instagram influencers—it can be quite a setback. The message is as straightforward as it sounds: Instagram is preventing you from posting a particular comment, but why?

Why does “Instagram: It is not possible to post your comment” appear?

  1. Community Guidelines: One of the most common reasons for seeing the “Instagram: It is not possible to post your comment” message is violating Instagram’s community guidelines. The platform has rules in place to ensure a safe environment for all its users. Posting offensive or inappropriate content can trigger this response.
  2. Automated Behavior: Rapid, repeated actions, like commenting too quickly or copying and pasting the same comment multiple times, can make Instagram flag your behavior as spam or bot-like. This can result in seeing the “Instagram: It is not possible to post your comment” notification.
  3. Hashtag Issues: Occasionally, using certain banned or restricted hashtags can cause your comment to be blocked.
  4. Technical Glitches: Sometimes, the issue is not with the user but with the platform itself. Server issues or app malfunctions can generate the “Instagram: It is not possible to post your comment” error.

How to Resolve the Issue- Instagram: It is not possible to post your comment

Now that we know the potential causes behind the “Instagram: It is not possible to post your comment” message, let’s delve into how you can address and hopefully resolve it.

  1. Review Your Comment: Before anything else, analyze your comment. Does it adhere to Instagram’s community guidelines? Is there anything that might be flagged as inappropriate or offensive? A quick review and modification might just do the trick.
  2. Space Out Your Actions: If you’ve been commenting a lot in a short period, take a breather. Spread out your comments and actions to avoid being mistaken for a bot.
  3. Check Hashtags: Remove any hashtags from your comment to see if that’s causing the issue. Remember, some hashtags are banned or restricted on the platform.
  4. Restart the App: As with many tech-related problems, turning it off and on again might help! Close and reopen the app to see if the “Instagram: It is not possible to post your comment” message persists.
  5. Update the App: Ensure you’re using the latest version of Instagram. Sometimes, bugs and glitches are resolved in newer updates.
  6. Reach Out to Instagram: If you believe you’ve been unjustly restricted or if the problem persists, it’s a good idea to contact Instagram’s support.

Preventing Future Issues

While the “Instagram: It is not possible to post your comment” message can be a nuisance, there are steps you can take to prevent encountering this issue in the future.

  1. Stay Updated: Make sure to keep abreast of Instagram’s community guidelines. They can evolve, and staying informed ensures you’re always in compliance.
  2. Engage Naturally: Engage with posts at a human pace. Avoid rapid, repeated actions that might seem automated.
  3. Regular App Updates: Always update your apps. This not only keeps them running smoothly but can also introduce new features and fixes for known glitches.

What Can You Do to Comment on Instagram Again

If you find yourself unable to comment on Instagram posts, it can be a frustrating experience, especially if interacting with others is a major part of your social media routine. There are various reasons why you might be facing this issue, and accordingly, several strategies you can employ to regain your commenting capabilities. Here’s what you can do to comment on Instagram again:

Check Instagram’s Community Guidelines

Sometimes, inability to comment is due to violations of Instagram’s community guidelines. If your comments are flagged as spammy, offensive, or inappropriate, Instagram may restrict your commenting privileges. Make sure your intended comments comply with Instagram’s guidelines to avoid such issues.

Verify Account Limitations

Instagram might temporarily block users from commenting if they engage in excessive or automated behavior that the platform deems as spam. This can include posting too many comments in a short period. If you suspect this is the case, you might need to wait it out. Typically, these blocks can last from a few hours to a day.

Ensure You Are Not Blocked by the User

If you cannot comment on specific profiles, it’s possible that the user has blocked you. If blocked, you won’t be able to see their posts, comment on their content, or interact with their profile in any way. Double-check by attempting to visit their profile. If you can’t see their content but know they have an active profile, you’re likely blocked.

Technical Issues

Technical glitches can also prevent you from commenting. Try these troubleshooting tips:

  • Restart your device: Sometimes, a simple restart can resolve underlying issues.
  • Update the Instagram app: Running on an outdated version of the app can cause functional problems. Check your app store for any available updates.
  • Reinstall the app: Uninstalling and reinstalling Instagram can help clear any data corruptions that might be causing the issue.

Check Your Internet Connection

A weak or unstable internet connection could also be the culprit. Try switching between Wi-Fi and mobile data to see if the issue persists. If the problem is network-specific, troubleshooting your connection or switching to a different network might help.

Contact Instagram Support

If all else fails, reaching out to Instagram’s support might be your best bet. You can report the problem directly through the app: Go to your profile, tap the menu, select ‘Settings,’ then ‘Help,’ followed by ‘Report a Problem.’

Be Patient

Sometimes, the issue may resolve itself without any action required on your part. Server-side issues or temporary blocks due to misunderstood activity can end without needing to intervene.


The digital world, as vast and sophisticated as it is, is not without its issues. Encountering the “Instagram: It is not possible to post your comment” message can be frustrating, but understanding its causes and solutions can make the experience less daunting.

Instagram, like all platforms, aims to create a balanced and safe environment for its users. As users, staying informed and understanding how the platform works can help in seamlessly integrating and enjoying all it has to offer. Remember, every problem has a solution. Happy Instagramming!

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