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Innovative Uses of Tablets in Today’s Mature Market

Ever since Apple brought iPad to the market, Tablets became the next best-selling item. Then the idea of ‘phablets’ came about and people started moving towards phones that offered bigger screens. The phablet trend didn’t prove to be a good omen for tablets since they were filling void between big laptops and small 3.5-4 inched smartphones.

There are a handful of reasons why tablet sales have dropped since their boom a couple of years ago. Consumers now have a phone that does everything a tablet does, maybe even more. Mobiles are easier to carry, while laptops provide convenience in big screen apps, multi-tab browsing and typing. With that said, does there remain any use for the tablets?

tablet vs smartphone tourism

Yes. Tablets do feature a size between laptops and smartphones but this size doesn’t mean uselessness. Not by far. As a matter of fact, I can think of several places where tablet can work better than laptops or smartphones.

Screen Size is a Tablet’s Biggest Asset

ipad pro concept HT

First of all, the screen of a tablet is big enough to entertain more than one person. This aspect can be very useful in places where more than two or more people need to look at the screen at the same time. For Instance:

In Hotels

tablet bellhop


If you run a hotel, you can incorporate tablet to amplify your operations. Customers want everything on their smartphones from check-ins to door-unlocks. But if that isn’t a possibility, how about facilitating their arrival and stay with tablets? With tablets, you can virtually eliminate the need of a big desk up-front and can also make clerks server additional purpose of bellboys. You can also set up kiosks for check-ins.

Another related use in hotels is for the doormen. When equipped with one of these, your doormen can provide visual assistance to the customers. With two people sharing the same screen, it becomes easier for the doormen and concierge staff to guide customers, not to mention, it also saves the time of important customer.

In Restaurants

apple tablet restaurant

The first use is fairly obvious – to take orders. Now there are apps available for many restaurants but how about preloading your restaurant’s tablets with some over-the-top apps, complete with animations and high definition photographs of your offerings. Clearly, the looks on the face of your customers as they flip the menu like real pages will send out a strong message to competition.

In The Travel Industry

Preliminary travel searchers on tablets are increasing even though the trend for mobile booming is on the boom. Keeping these stats in mind, travel industry could really benefit by optimizing their sites for tablets as well.

family vacations tablet

A good argument would be the thought of those beautiful waters in the Caribbean. While a 4-5 inch smartphone does offer some splendid HD visuals, 10-12 inched tablets can really convince the searcher to sign up.

In the Office

You can use OneNote to unlock the real potential of your tablet. Take, retrieve, flip, organize or compare the digital notes on the go.

tablet travel

With internet access, you can also share them when you want to. Use Bluetooth to transfer the files to the person next room or use Wi-Fi to send them across national barriers, it’s all a minute’s work.

For Presentations

presentation on tablets

Tradeshows, debates, conferences, college presentations and others, the ability of tablets to be used as a second screen beats laptops, smartphones and those big charts any day of the week.

As a Fax Machine

Since the screen is larger compared to smartphones, your tablet can really use its power to read and send faxes, minus the paper of course. Just take a picture and send it, or back up using cloud or VoIP service services.

And, if you miss the paper so much, you can also send PDFs to paper fax machines.

As A Complete Business Communication Device

Tablets run everything a mobile does. The perk of using tablet in business comes not because it is the same as mobile, but because it offers more. Talk to your clients using a Bluetooth hands free and use your hands to take notes, share them or to show visuals to your clients. There is more to tablets than just Skype and IM apps.

As a Dedicated Distraction Gadget

angry birds on tab

A number of studies show that people need breaks, be it a game or work. How about bringing a tablet in your bag the next time you go to office? Pick up your bag in the lunch-time, pop out that thing and relax for a while – you’ve earned it. But when the fun time’s up, get back to work.

So, if you are convinced that tablets are here to stay, make sure you make the most of them.

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