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Infographics: ‘Data Visualization’ Catching Internet Frenzy

All about Infographics designing info and why Infographics are gaining more attention on web.

Some people love crunching statistics while many others hate going through numeric data and stats.

But there’s no denying that if the same boring data and statistics is presented in a cool graphical format then it’s appeal can grow multi-folds and the same stats-resistive reader will be more likely to recommend the same data statistics(in graphical format) to other people, through various channels such as Internet and other conventional sharing mediums.

Infographics(Information+Graphics), the term that defines the graphical visualization of data and statistics, is something that most people love to go through and don’t hesitate a bit in sharing it further among their known circles.

As Internet is now the most prominent medium of end-user information sharing, there’s a growing trend of sharing of such Infographics on various platforms like blogs, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn etc, also known as Infographic Marketing. In fact, it’s now a common sight on popular Social bookmarking sites such as Digg and Stumbleupon to see some Infographic or the other, rising to the top of the charts, all because of sheer quantity of recommendations that it earns over a significantly short span of time. In short, people seem to love smartly designed Infographics!

Information graphics design isn’t a rocket science by any standards and therefore, anyone having some interesting data and statistics at disposal and some expertise on some Image editing software such as Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator can produce a stunning Infographic and may possibly get it viral on web.

So, in case you’ve some data at hand and looking to share the same on web through various methods, then do give a thought to producing an Infographic of the raw data instead and see how it works out.

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