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India iPhone Sales Drop 50%, Still No India-Specific Phone – Top Trending Stories

Here are today’s Top 5 News & Events from Around the World. Take a look!


India iPhone Sales Drop 50%, Still No India-Specific Phone?

OnePlus has ravaged iPhone sales in India, causing a serious 50% sales dip in the year 2018. iPhone could only manage to sell 1.7 million units in 2018 in India compared to 3.2 million back in 2017. Tim Cook has said time and again that India is an important market for Apple, but it’s not going to release any India-specific cheap phone anytime soon. Meanwhile, OnePlus has sold 1 million phones in just 22 days after its launch in India.



Facebook Independent Board to Review Fake Content, Is It Enough?

Mark Zuckerberg at the U.S. Congress hearing
Image Credits: Flickr Steven Stern

Facebook is likely to set up an independent board that would look into the issue of fake news on its platform. Its a serious business for the social media giant to tackle fake news as it wants to show lawmakers and its 2.3 billion users that its serious about this problem. Cultural diversity is at the center of several other questions that revolve around the functioning of Facebook. The company is planning for workshops around the world in several cities such as Delhi, Singapore, Berlin, and New York. The workshops will answer the questions that plague the very existence of the social media site.



Washington Lawmakers Mulling Delivery Robot Rules, Will It Fill the Gray Area?

Image Credits: Amazon

Washinton lawmakers are mulling the delivery robot rules and regulations that can fill several gray areas in this regard. Such a bill can bring in new rules that would restrict the weights of the robots, require insurance, and limit robots to sidewalks and crosswalks. Also, such a bill can require a human to monitor the delivery robots at all times when it’s at work. The bill is at its early stage and it’s not yet clear when it will become a law, but it will set a precedent for other countries to follow such rules and regulations.



Are Your Fitness Trackers Telling You the Truth?

A women riding e-scooter
Image Credits: Flickr BikePortland

A study has found that the fitness trackers are overestimating the calorie burn in the users. According to a study by UK’s Aberystwyth University, the top three fitness trackers in the UK have overestimated the users’ calorie burn rate, exceeding by over 50%. The fitness trackers under the radar were Letscom HR, Leftsfit, and Fitbit Charge 2. If you’re using any of these fitness trackers, it’s time to rethink.



The US Up the Ante Against Huwaei, CFO Extradition Likely?

The US is closing in on the Huawei CFO, who is also the daughter of the founder on charges of dealing with Iran despite the trade embargo. Prosecutors in the US have filed criminal charges against the company claiming that the CFO lied to authorities about its business with Iran. Huwaei is also under the scanner for stealing rivals’ tech by offering higher bonuses to employees.


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