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Incredible iPhone Features You Probably Haven’t Explored Yet

Both iPhones and Android devices have their advantages and disadvantages, but generally, iOS is considered easier to use, while Android offers greater customization and configuration options. However, despite Apple’s seemingly simple operating system, there are numerous advanced features hidden beneath its polished surface. We’re here to guide cool things to do with iPhones.

Incredible iPhone Features You Probably Haven't Explored Yet

iPhone Features You Might Not Know About

#1 The Keyboard As a Trackpad

Did you know that the iPhone keyboard can be used as a trackpad? With this nifty feature, you can effortlessly navigate through text, and precisely position the cursor, all without touching the screen. To access this functionality, simply apply firm pressure and keep your finger on the keyboard. Once the keyboard becomes inactive, you’re good to go. Then, glide your finger around to smoothly move the cursor throughout the text. On an iPad, simply swipe two fingers in any direction on the keyboard to activate trackpad mode. Pretty cool right?

#2 Record Your Calls

Among cool iPhone tricks, record calls take pride of place. Although the iPhone itself is not capable of this, it is such a useful feature that it should be included in the list. All you need is to install Call Recorder for the iPhone app and get familiar with the features of the work. To activate Call Recorder for iPhone, just make a few touches on the screen. You can then listen to the recording any number of times.

#3 Built-in Level

I have this huge collection of picture frames, you know? And I’ve got this super cool collage of them hanging behind my couch. But here’s the thing: when I moved about a year ago, I couldn’t find any tools to hang them up properly. No hammer, no level. I still had the frames, the pictures, and the nails that I initially used to hang them up. So, I had to get real creative, bro! I ended up using my iPhone as a makeshift hammer, can you believe it? And guess what? I even used the Measurement app to make sure all the photos were perfectly level. You know, when you’re trying to put together a bomb collection of photos or art, it’s wicked helpful to use the Measurement app to space them out just right.

#4 Hide Your Photos

Sometimes we pass our phones to friends to show them photos or videos. But what about those sensitive images you’d rather keep private? Thankfully, the iPhone offers a convenient way to hide your most personal pictures. Simply go to Photos, select the images you want, tap the Share button, and choose Hide. As the confirmation message states, these selected pictures will vanish from all locations in your library, but you can always find them in the Hidden folder within your Albums.

#5 Receive Notifications Via Camera Flash

For those who prefer a visual alert on their phone rather than an audible one, there’s a little-known feature that you might find useful: you can set your camera’s flash to blink multiple times when you receive a notification. To activate this feature, go to the Settings menu and tap on Accessibility. Then, navigate to the Audio/Visual section and toggle the switch for “LED Flash for Alerts” to the “on” position. If you don’t want the flash to light up when your phone is in silent mode, you can customize that as well. It’s worth noting that this iPhone camera trick has nothing to do with taking photos, so don’t worry about giving off the wrong impression when you’re out and about.


The iPhone has so many features and capabilities that it can be hard to keep up with them all. But if you take the time to explore and uncover the hidden gems, you’ll find a host of neat tricks and tools that will make using your phone easier and more enjoyable. With these five tips in mind, you should have no problem getting the most out of your iPhone.


What is Apple’s secret button?

Back Tap transforms the Apple logo on the back of your iPhone into a cleverly concealed button. It’s true! You can customize the logo to capture a screenshot with a double tap or initiate Shazam with a triple tap. Furthermore, you have the option to assign a Siri Shortcut for the double and triple taps, like contacting your significant other.

Is there a secret menu on iPhone?

Many individuals are now discovering the existence of a “secret menu” in their iPhones, providing access to hidden features. To reveal this hidden menu, navigate to the phone calling option and dial 3001#12345#. Then, tap the call button. Upon doing so, a special dashboard will appear, displaying a wealth of technical information.

Where are hidden items on iPhones?

All hidden items can be found: hidden desktop shortcuts – in the home screen settings menu, photos – in the Photos application in the “Hidden” section. All hidden items can be found.

What features are unique to iPhone?

You probably wish there were iPhone features that no other Android device has. The truth is that they don’t exist.

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