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idntitiIn this article we will tell you about idntiti community rating tool that’s fueled by community and provides Reputation & Identity related information.

Today,most of us maintain our online identity where we go social(Facebook,Myspace etc),go professional(LinkedIn) or go party(Fubar).And there are decent possibilities of us being searched,followed or tracked online by our employer(in case of individual),our employee (in case of an organisation) or our customer(in case of a product/service) as the web is so open that nothing is hidden actually.

And directly or indirectly but community always speaks about every known entity,be it a human,product or an enterprise.For instance,websites such as Yelp(products/services reviews ),Glassdoor(companies review) and countless others are popular examples of community feedback.

So here’s a similar web service that’s trying to rate every possible entity under one roof especially ‘Individuals’.Meet IDNTITI…

IDNTITI is a rating tool that’s fueled by community and provides Reputation & Identity related information about any entity(individual,company or service(launching shortly)).

After registering,a user can invite his community to rate himself or any other entity and the system lets you create an eco-system,quite similar to a social network where you can see other member’s rating and contribute to their ratings as well.And there are enough provisions to publicize your ID score to social networking space as well.

Users can publish their scores using their ID Score Widget to about 80 social networking sites, blogs, websites, bookmarking sites etc. Now users have control on their reputation and can also actively populate it over the internet for their benefit.

From IDNTITI’s team...

The core feature of the site is that it allows users to contribute new parameters that can be rated by the user community. It makes the site the most democratic market research tool available for everyone to participate in.

Sreedhar Unnamatla,Founder & CEO,IDNTITI intends to establish IDNTITI as a respectable industry standard to evaluate the reputation of any entity on the basis of unbiased community feedback about an individual,product or enterprise.


  • All members are assigned “Authenticated /Validating / Suspect” status by our authentication algorithm, requesting them to prove their authenticity.
  • With OpenID,Facebook,Google,Yahoo or AOL integration for login, users can very easily register into the site and cast their impressions.
  • UI is neatly done.Quite easy to navigate the site.

It seems IDNTITI has taken inspiration from LinkedIn,Facebook etc in many respects by implementing some proven and tested methods that former sites innovated.


The toughest challenge for IDNTITI would be to actually bring aggressive community feedback to ‘Individuals’ level.And that’s also its area of advantage as no competitor has yet monopolised that area.As of now,users on IDNTITI can be seen rating companies but rated individuals are hard to find.Although,the service is too new to expect massive userbase but flourishing rating system for individuals can only be successful if the userbase goes really big.

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