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Humane urges AI Pin owners to stop using its Charging Case (immediately)

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Humane urges AI Pin owners to stop using its Charging Case (immediately)

Humane, whose AI Pin was bombarded with negative reviews, has issued a urgent safety warning to all its users; urging them to immediately stop using the charging case. In a email dashed to its customers, the company said that there is a problem with certain battery cells that could cause potential fire hazard. Apparently, the company claims that these battery cells have been supplied by a third-party firm. Humane has further claimed that it has snapped the ties with the third-party vendor and is proactively looking for a new vendor. This development can further damage the commercial prospects of Humane’s AI Pin following the barrage of negative reviews it has attracted after its launch.


Stability AI launches Stable Audio Open for creating short Audio Clips

Stability AI, best known for its Stable Diffusion model, has come with a new tool in the audio generation space. This new model is called ‘Stable Audio Open.’ However, unlike Stable Audio 1.0 & 2.0, this new model is not focusing on creating full length songs. Instead, it is solely focused on generating shorter audio clips, ideal for sound effects, instrument riffs, or background noise. The audio clip will be only 47 seconds long. The one big advantage is that this new model generates royalty free audio clips, which means that you can use them in your projects without any copyright restrictions.


Wix’s new AI feature instantly creates IOS & Android apps

Website building platform Wix has launched a new generative AI feature that will allow users to effortlessly create and edit IOS and Android apps. Users will be given a chatbot like interface wherein they will have to information about the goals and what kind of aesthetics they want for their app. Once this information is incorporated, the AI feature will generate an app within matter of few minutes. This AI feature is part of Wix’s premium Branded App plan, which comes at a monthly subscription of $99. Overall, this is a welcome feature for all those who want to launch a app but don’t have enough coding knowledge.


Fueled by AI boom, Nvidia is now the second most valuable company

Few companies could probably claim to cash on the AI boom like Nvidia has done. Cashing on this AI boom, Nvidia touched a new milestone on Wednesday with its market cap touching $3 trillion; making it the second most valuable company in the world. If Nvidia’s stocks continues to maintain good rally in the market then it can further consolidate its position as the second most valuable company. There is no reason why Nvidia’s stocks won’t maintain a good rally especially since all big companies are clamoring for its AI designed chips. Overall, this is a huge achievement for Nvidia who has long lived in the shadow of its competitors like Intel and AMD.

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