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Hugo – Meeting Intelligence Platform

Hugo is an excellent Meeting Intelligence Platform which was founded by Darren Chait and Josh Lowy on May 2016. You can avoid the silos in cross-functional teams with the help of Hugo which is an intelligent platform to share and analyse meeting notes effectively.

Generally the communication-gap between various teams in organizations leads to unwanted delays in the project completion, reduced alignment amongst teams and an impact on the overall quality of product delivered. If your engineers have a better understanding of your customer requirements and your marketing team is aware of the new partnerships and important business updates from the meetings among top executives, it can improve the overall productivity of your teams.

Hugo is a great meeting intelligence platform which can collect important information after each meeting and share it to respective team members through relevant slack channels and email. As the head of organization, you can get the help of Hugo to keep all the cross-functional teams aligned with one another and provide a platform to share and analyse important meeting notes.

Web-based Platform

Hugo is a fast, powerful and user-friendly web-based platform which can be seamlessly integrated with Google Suite. You can also integrate it with web-based project management tools like Trello. It also offers seamless integration with most of the CRMs available in market such as Salesforce, Hubspot, Microsoft Dynamics 365 etc.

How it works?

  1. After each meeting, Hugo will automatically prompt the attendees to capture important notes and the action Items for each participant.
  2. It will share the meeting insights to all the cross-functional teams and will notify the users with important action items and also push them the meeting notes.
  3. Hugo provides a central repository for all meeting notes and helps you to organize team meetings effectively.


Huge provides a 30-day free trial for you to try out all the features and understand the effectiveness of the platform in organizing meeting notes. If you are happy with the platform, you can go for the Team package which costs a flat rate of $49 per month and supports up to 20 Team members. They also provide custom meeting note templates, Team Slack Integration, Unlimited tags, Agendas and Meeting Actions. For larger teams which require complex integrations with existing tools, they offer custom subscription packages with unlimited team members and priority support.


Hugo is the best solution for growing companies to keep their cross-functional teams well-aligned with each other. It offers a great platform for consolidating meeting notes and helps stakeholders to come up with decisions quickly. You can also avoid follow-up and repeat meetings and this time saved can be used for other productive tasks.

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