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Huawei Strikes Back! – Top Trending Stories

Here are today’s Top 5 News & Events from Around the World. Take a look!


Huawei Strikes Back! Verizon, the First Target

Image Credits: Flickr Mike Mozart

Huawei has found a way to make the fight, almost even, against the US. Up until now, it seemed one-sided. Now, Huawei has asked Verizon to pay it for over 230 patents that it uses. Huawei claims that all these patents are owned by it. The Chinese telecom major is seeking $1 billion for the patents. The patents involve core network equipment, IoT device technology, and wireline infrastructure as well. So far, Verizon has declined to comment on this matter. Link.



Is Your Amazon Alexa Recording Your Kids Illegally?

Image Credits: Flickr Brian Lynch

The latest lawsuit has claimed that Amazon’s Alexa is illegally recording kids without their parent’s consent. There are a pair of lawsuits that are filed in California and Washington. Both claim that Alexa records the voiceprints of children without any legal backing or consent from the parents. There are over 100 million Alexa devices around the world. Link.



Walmart, IBM, Merk and FDA Have Come Together for Exploring Blockchain

Image Credits: Flickr Rudin Group

Walmart, Merk, IBM have been chosen by the Food and Drug Administration of the US to explore the probable use of blockchain tech in Healthcare. The idea is to find ways to make drug supply safer. The technology will work towards increasing the efficiency of the existing regulatory mechanism. The project will aim to make it easy to track and trace prescription drugs, making its distribution reliable, while maintaining the highest quality. Link.



According to Kickstarter, Never Use this Word in Your Product Description

Image Credits: Flickr Michael Mandiberg

Kickstarter has urged its creators to not to use the word “world’s best” in their product description. According to Kickstarter, “the world’s best” is cliched now, so get over it and try something new. The site has also banned unrealistic product photos for promotions. The main point is to make the product launch as simple as possible without any hyperbole statements. Link.



Now Access YouTube, Netflix, Or Over 30 Games Inside a Tesla Car

Image Credits: Flickr SAUD AL-OLAYAN

It seems Elon Musk is really serious about in-car entertainment. The Electric car manufacturer has signed deals with several media companies to provide direct access inside the Tesla cars display screen. Though in the initial phases, it gives the future perspective of car travel. As more and more cars become a self-driving mode of transportation, in-car entertainment will take centre stage. Link.


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