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Huawei Makes Smartphones Without US Chips – Top Trending Stories

Here are today’s Top 5 News & Events from Around the World. Take a look!


Huawei Makes Smartphones Without US Chips

Image Credit: Flickr HuaweiPress

Huawei has started to produce smartphones without US mobile chips, which forms the backbone of any mobile maker. From completely depending on the US tech for making smartphones to now a time when they are no longer the must-haves, Huawei has taken a huge step forward. Although the US administration has started giving licenses to US firms to start their business with the Chinese giant, it seems too late now. According to an analysis by UBS, the latest Mate 30 from Huawei has got not a single US part. Are we seeing a future where Huawei no longer requires the US tech anymore? It might come as a surprise but it was already written on the wall. Link.



AMD Beats Intel In EU, Buyers Changing Their Preference

Image Credit: Flickr l.hutton

According to the latest reports, for the first time, AMD is experiencing the gains from its CPU revolution in Europe. The European customers are increasingly favouring AMD CPU against the Intel’s offering. And the trend is likely to continue in favour of AMD. Link.



Beggars Go High-Tech! Accepting WeChat Pay

Image Credit: Flickr Kandukuru Nagarjun

Beggars in China have gone high-tech these days with WeChat Pay. Now you can pay them using your WeChat Payment. Will we soon see similar trends across the world? Link.



Dubai’s Police Orders Tesla’s Cybertruck, Reinforced Body Made The Trick?

Image Credit: Dubai Police Twitter Handle

It seems that Tesla’s quirky yet strong build of Cybertruck has caught the eye of Dubai’s police. Dubai is known for its exotic cars not just in the hands of the select few but with police service as well. Now it’s going a notch further with the Cybertruck from Tesla that will add to the fleet of Dubai’s police. Link.



Now Face Scan For Mobile Service In China, Privacy Out The Window

collage of photos of people

Now every Chinese or anyone trying to signup for phone service in China will require to get their face scanned, obviously for security reasons. We all know what that means. It means a blow to citizens and residents’ privacy. Link.


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