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Huawei Is Developing Its Own OS – Top Trending Stories

Here are today’s Top 5 News & Events from Around the World. Take a look!


Huawei Is Developing Its Own OS, Or Has It Already?

Image Credits: Flickr Timur Gromov

Huawei’s CEO of consumer products division Richard Yu has revealed in an interview that Huawei is prepared for any eventuality. In case, the US companies stop its services to Huawei, the company will fight back with its own technology. In fact, the CEO said that Huawei is developing its own OS if Google refuses to let it use Andriod OS. The interview also revealed that the company is miles ahead in its foldable phone technology and within a couple of years will bring down the prices to at least $1000. Also, the CEO is confident that Apple won’t be releasing a foldable phone in the near future, not even in 2020. Huawei has its course set and is prepared to lead the mobile market. Already, it has beaten Samsung, up next are its US competitors.



UK Begins trial of Debit Cards with Built-in Finger Print Reader, Is It More Secure?

Image Credits: NatWest Facebook

Debit cards with built-in fingerprint reader will begin trial in the UK from mid-April this year. According to NatWest, the British bank behind this initiative, the fingerprint is more secure than using a PIN which can be accessed by anyone by simply looking at it. These cards will hold the fingerprint data within the card’s memory and thus will eliminate the risk of hackers hacking into the bank database to steal the data. The trial will begin with just 200 customers and once the things look good the bank will slowly expand it.



Amazon Quietly Ends Controversial Seller Agreement, What Will Happen to the Prices Now?

Image Credits: Flickr kefabean

Amazon had a controversial agreement with its third-party sellers to reduce the prices so much so that no one else would be selling below it. Because of such practice, Amazon had come under various agencies’ scrutiny in several countries. Now Amazon has quietly removed this clause to save itself from an enquiry. Germany which is the second largest market for Amazon had enquired into this matter last November. But such a move might impact the prices of the products on Amazon. So will your next purchase be more expensive? Also, will Amazon lose its undisputed command over the industry?



Instagram Finally Admits to Stealing From Snapchat, A Vindication for Snapchat Fans?

Image Credits: Flickr Justin Aptaker, Instagram founder Kevin Systrom

Snapchat started ‘stories’ back in 2013 and Instagram copied this feature in 2016. Now the founder of Instagram has revealed that they discovered that people were increasingly sharing links of Snapchat stories on Instagram. This led to the introduction of ‘stories’ on the Instagram app. This has come as a great relief for the Snapchat fans who argued that Instagram was stealing its features.



AI Bringing Ray of Hope for 70 Million Diabetic Patients in India, A Better Way to Detect Diabetic Blindness?

The Arvind eye hospital in collaboration with Google’s AI has begun its testing for detecting early signs of blindness that affects diabetic patients with the help of AI technology. There are more than 70 million diabetic patients in India and all of them are at risk of this condition. If detected early it can be cured. But India has a shortage of eye doctors. For every one million people in India, there are only 11 eye doctors and therefore this latest technology can bring a ray of hope for all these patients. It can easily replace the need for a doctor for detecting diabetic retinopathy. Google isn’t charging for its AI and the 43-year-old hospital isn’t charging its patients for this diagnosis, for now.


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