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Huawei Allegedly Preparing to Sue the U.S. Government – Top Trending Stories

Here are today’s Top 5 News & Events from Around the World. Take a look!


Huawei Allegedly Preparing to Sue the U.S. Government, Can It Sustain?

Image Credits: Huawei Facebook

Huawei is said to be preparing for a lawsuit against the United States government. According to the NewYork Times sources, Huawei will file the lawsuit challenging the U.S. government’s decision to ban federal agencies from using its products. The Chinese electronics giant will file the lawsuit in Eastern District of Texas, where its US headquarters are located. Meanwhile, the Huawei CFO is preparing to sue the Canadian government. As far as filing lawsuit against the US goes, a similar thing had happened between Kaspersky and the US gov. The lawsuit was dismissed by the court. Similarly, here also it seems that the lawsuit might not hold in the court of law.



Google’s Wage Gap is Upside Down, Men are Paid Less than Women, How Is that Possible?

Image Credits: Flickr GES 2016

Google had recently conducted a study regarding the pay gap and interestingly found that it was paying its male employees less than its women employees. This finding is in sharp contrast to other companies in the silicon valley. Google has now paid its male employees an additional $9.7 million, reaching out to its 10,677 male employees. Google said that it was not expecting such a result where men are paid less than women in a tech company. However, critics have raised questions regarding this study on which there has been no answer from the tech giant yet.



Twitter’s Relief for Its Users, Now Hide Harmful Replies

Image Credits: Flickr Cryptocurrency News

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey has admitted that his social media platform hasn’t been able to do justice to its mission of a safe place for online public discourse. Now the company is looking forward to providing more power in the hands of its users to hide replies that are toxic in nature. It comes as a great relief for users who have faced tremendous backlash for their opinions. But, at the same time, the replies aren’t hidden permanently, you can access hidden comments from the options menu.



Your Facebook Security Mobile Number Can Be Used By Anyone to Look You Up, And There’s Nothing You Can Do

Image Credits: Flickr Marc Lehmann
More such news from Facebook isn’t a surprise, the company is deeply drenched in its recent scandals and multiple cases of data privacy issues. Now in the latest report, it has come to light that anyone can look you up on Facebook with your mobile number. It’s the same number you use for two-factor authentication and Facebook won’t allow you to opt out of this service yet. So, for now, your profile is open for anyone to see if they have access to your mobile number. Meanwhile, Facebook is suing multiple Chinese companies for selling fake user accounts on its platform.


Spotify’s Meteoric Rise in India, Clocked 1 Million Users in Less than 1 Week

Image Credits: Flickr Zach Parcell

Spotify has said that it has registered more than 1 million free and premium listeners on its platform. Spotify entered the Indian market less than a week ago and is competing against Apple music and JioSaavn. The platform provides both free and premium versions, wherein ads show up for free users. The music app is late to the party, but it surely is making its presence felt.


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