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How to Use AI Tools to Boost iPhone’s Productivity?

Smart technology and Artificial Intelligence have revolutionized our interaction with the devices we’ve created. Currently, businesses both established and emerging are adopting desktop and mobile applications powered by such technology.

This has led to unparalleled user experiences. In this article, we will delve into the top 10 best AI apps for iPhone and iPad that you should download in 2023.

How to Use AI Tools to Boost iPhone's Productivity?

AI Tools to Boost iPhone’s Productivity

#1 Pro Rank Tracker

The application management tool optimally performs tasks such as benchmarking, keyword rank tracking, data import/export, visualization, dashboard creation, competitive analysis, and integration with other software. By monitoring content, the app provides analytics, and generates multi-language, caption, and location-based content. SEO management, scheduled and automated reports, visual analysis, user management, and more are facilitated by real-time data, updates, notifications, and comprehensive reports and statistics.

#2 Elsa

The ELSA Speak app for iPhone is an innovative, AI-driven tool tailored to help users improve their English speaking skills by refining pronunciation and reducing accent variations. The user-friendly interface and affordable pricing make ELSA Speak even more appealing.

#3 Cleanup App

Artificial intelligence can help clean up your smartphone. This phone app has a smart search for similar photos and duplicate contacts. There are also additional functions, you can find out more using this link. Some of the most useful features of phone cleaners are garbage search and removal, a secret memory partition, and the ability to compress videos. If you have low memory on your smartphone, this cleaner will be the ideal solution, which is based on AI.

#4 Youper

Youper, the AI-powered mental health ally, employs conversational agents to provide cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) strategies. While the Youper app is free to download, upgrading unlocks additional features. New users can join for as little as $4 per week.


UPDF AI, the advanced PDF editor, integrates cutting-edge AI technology to deliver a comprehensive platform of features. The app introduces a wide range of AI-powered features that enhance PDF workflows. These include:

  • Summarizing lengthy documents
  • Translating text into multiple languages
  • Explaining complex terms and phrases
  • Chatting with AI for document-related inquiries

Furthermore, UPDF provides extensive editing capabilities, allowing users to read, edit, convert, sign, and more. Educational institutions and offices will find great value in the diverse capabilities offered by UPDF.

#6 Pictory AI

Pictory AI incorporates advanced algorithms to automatically edit video footage, creating appealing videos. It merges and trims clips, adds transitions and music, and optimizes the overall video flow. Its usage has increased due to the customization options for color schemes, themes, fonts, visual effects, voice-over, and text-to-speech capabilities from input text.


IFTTT, an automation platform, lets you connect various apps and services to craft personalized workflows. For instance, you can create an IFTTT trigger that automatically sends your boss an email upon report submission or turns off house lights when leaving the door.

#8 Otter AI

Otter AI was developed to convert verbal communications into text format. Professionals who frequently engage in meetings, interviews, or academic presentations benefit greatly from Otter as it allows them to maintain focus on the conversation instead of taking notes. Through the power of AI, Otter accurately captures spoken words and converts them into searchable and editable text.

The platform provides a wide range of features, including real-time transcription, identification of speakers, summary of keywords, and the capability to share transcripts with others. Additionally, users can conveniently import or record audio directly within the app, ensuring flexibility. While there is a free version of Otter called Otter Basic, which includes 600 minutes of transcription per month, premium features are available exclusively to paid subscribers.

How to Use AI Tools to Boost iPhone's Productivity?

#9 Rizz

Rizz is an app that utilizes artificial intelligence to enhance the interaction between users and their devices naturally.  With availability on iOS and Android, it caters to a diverse range of users. While Rizz is free, please note that there may be potential in-app purchases as you use the app.

#10 Synthesia

Synthesia focuses on producing highly realistic and customizable videos, offering the ability to generate avatars that embody real-life features such as speech, emotions, and audience interaction. User preferences can be easily accommodated due to its customizable nature. Moreover, Synthesia supports videos in multiple languages while accepting input in a single language. The generated voices are remarkably natural and can be customized in terms of tone and style, based on the input text or script.


We have come to an era where AI is not just a futuristic phrase, but a real assistant that can be used directly on your smartphone. The tools listed above provide you with several advantages to perform your daily tasks. AI is not perfect, but they are already useful to humans and this must be recognized.

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