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How to Upload to Instagram with Full Quality: A Comprehensive Guide

how to upload to instagram with full quality


How to upload to Instagram with full quality is a topic that concerns many avid Instagram users. Instagram is a platform known for its visual appeal, and posting high-quality images and videos can significantly enhance your profile’s aesthetics. In this in-depth guide, we will explore various methods to ensure your Instagram posts maintain their original quality and clarity throughout the upload process.

How to Upload to Instagram with Full Quality

How to upload to Instagram with full quality is a skill that can elevate your Instagram game. Here’s a step-by-step guide to achieving this:

  1. Prep Your Content: Start with high-resolution images or videos. Capture or create your content in the best quality possible.
  2. Adjust Instagram Settings: Open the Instagram app and go to your profile. Tap the three horizontal lines in the top right corner, then tap “Settings.” Scroll down and select “Account.”
  3. Change Upload Quality: Under “Account,” you’ll find “Cellular Data Use.” Toggle on “High-Quality Image Uploads” and “High-Quality Video Uploads.”
  4. Post Directly from Your Device: To maintain the best quality, avoid using third-party apps to post to Instagram. Instead, use the Instagram app directly.
  5. Crop and Edit: Use Instagram’s editing tools to fine-tune your content. Make adjustments to brightness, contrast, and sharpness while preserving the original quality.
  6. Export in Instagram’s Preferred Aspect Ratios: Instagram favors certain aspect ratios like 1:1 (square) and 4:5 (portrait). When exporting images or videos from external editing software, ensure they match these ratios.
  7. Compress Videos Manually: If uploading videos, manually compress them to meet Instagram’s size and bitrate requirements. More on this later.

Why Do Your Instagram Posts Look Blurry

Understanding why your Instagram posts look blurry is crucial to addressing this issue. Instagram applies compression algorithms to reduce file sizes, which can result in loss of image quality. This is done to save bandwidth and improve load times, but it can lead to a decrease in image clarity.

How to Enhance Low-Quality Videos for Instagram

If you’ve already encountered the issue of low-quality videos on Instagram, don’t worry; there are ways to enhance them:

  1. Use Video Editing Software: Invest in video editing software like Adobe Premiere Pro or Final Cut Pro to edit your videos in high quality.
  2. Export in the Right Format: When exporting your video from editing software, ensure it meets Instagram’s recommended video format specifications. Common formats include MP4 and MOV.
  3. Pay Attention to Bitrate: Set your video’s bitrate to a higher value while staying within Instagram’s upload limits. Higher bitrates can preserve video quality.
  4. Resize Videos: Ensure your video dimensions align with Instagram’s preferred aspect ratios. This helps prevent cropping, which can reduce quality.
  5. Opt for 1080p Resolution: When uploading videos, choose a resolution of 1080p or higher to maintain quality.

How to Modify Videos to Meet Instagram Upload Requirements

To maintain full quality when uploading videos to Instagram, follow these modification tips:

  1. Bitrate: Adjust your video’s bitrate. Instagram recommends a range between 3,500 and 5,000 kbps for video uploads.
  2. Resolution: Maintain a resolution of 1080×1920 pixels for vertical videos and 1080×1080 pixels for square videos. Horizontal videos should be 1920×1080 pixels.
  3. Frame Rate: Stick to the original frame rate of your video, preferably 30 frames per second (fps).
  4. Codec: Use the H.264 codec for video compression, which is widely accepted by Instagram.
  5. Duration: Keep your video under 60 seconds for regular posts and under 15 seconds for Instagram Stories.
  6. Check File Size: Ensure your video file size is within Instagram’s limits (for example, up to 4GB for feed posts).


Maintaining the quality of your content when posting on Instagram is essential for creating an engaging and visually appealing profile. By following the steps outlined in this guide on how to upload to Instagram with full quality, you can ensure your photos and videos shine on this popular social platform. Don’t let blurry images or low-quality videos hold you back from making a lasting impression on your audience.

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