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How to Upload Photos to Instagram from Laptop

Love uploading and sharing pictures on Instagram. Now Upload Photos to Instagram from your Laptop instantly.

Instagram truly is the “go viral” generation’s tool and doesn’t need much introduction! In the present day when the whole world is going crazy over sharing stuff from class notes to cloud space. Instagram definitely redefines clicking pictures, adding videos, and applying some snazzy exceptions or filters on numerous networking channels like Facebook, Flickr, Twitter, Tumblr etc. Make old look new or dull look drop dead gorgeous! It has always been fun to have the snaps uploaded and shared among the friends and family members. Surely you don’t need a tutorial on how to upload pictures on instagram via handheld but what if one wants to do it in the classic way, from a computer. This tutorial today tells you exactly how you can do it without much fuss.

On the computer, you should download and install software called Blue stacks. Get the latest versions of the blue stack downloaded on the system. On the blue stack you will have to click on the instagram option from “My applications” pallet.

  • You will have to sign in to instagram next using your credentials. If you don’t have one, create it.
  • As you click on the login button, you will be redirected to the home page of instagram. There on the bottom right corner you will be able to view the instagram toolbar which you then need to click.
  • On clicking the toolbar, you will see the navigation pane. Where you will have to click on the icon visible on the top right hand side.And when the drop down menu opens click on the “settings options of the cameras”.


  • As you have reached the camera settings, you will find a window with a check box labeled as “Use instagram Advanced Camera”- at this point of time you will have to uncheck the box. Or even you can go back or can select any of the other buttons you wish to work on.
  • After that you need to click on the instagram icon available centrally on the bottom bar ( the same icon will help you in getting the photo uploaded)
  • In the options menu you should click on the “Photo Gallery”, these are the pictures which are stored on the “My pictures “directory of the PC. (This could very well be your custom folder)
  •  When you reach over there you can select any of the photo you wish to upload. Simply click OK once you have selected the photograph.
  • The photo which has been selected by you is going to appear on the instagram screen for cropping or other adjustments. After cropping the pictures you can click to accept and proceed.
  •  After the picture is added the user can enhance the photograph visually by applying some effects. The various presets available are -normal, amaro, rise, Hudson etc. you can select the effect you wish to add to your photograph.
  • Next you will have to choose the appropriate options available on the upload which includes the sharing platform (websites and social networks tagging people with you in the photography and geo-tagging locations. Once you have updated all the information, the photography is ready to be uploaded. Once you click upload a bar commences showing you the progress of upload.
  • As soon as the upload finishes you can browse back to the navigation area and view your own profile. There you can check the latest upload.



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