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How to See Which Google Forms I Submitted: A Detailed Guide

Google Forms is a versatile tool used by educators, businesses, and individuals to collect information through surveys, quizzes, and various forms of feedback. However, tracking which forms you have already submitted can sometimes be confusing. This comprehensive guide will show you how to see which Google Forms you have submitted, ensuring you stay organized and up-to-date with all your responses.

Introduction to Google Forms

Before diving into how to see which Google Forms I submitted, it’s essential to understand what Google Forms is and how it works. Google Forms is part of the Google Workspace and offers a straightforward, efficient way to gather data from users. The forms are customizable and can be shared via a link, allowing anyone with the link to respond.

How to See Which Google Forms I Submitted

Finding out how to see which Google Forms I submitted can be crucial, especially if you are actively participating in multiple surveys or quizzes. Here’s how you can check your submissions:

1. Check Your Email Confirmations

One of the easiest ways to see which Google Forms I submitted is by checking your email. Google Forms has a feature that sends a confirmation email to respondents if the form creator has enabled this option. These emails typically include a copy of your responses, which can be helpful for keeping track of which forms you have completed.

2. Look for Google Drive Integration

If the form creator has set up a response spreadsheet in Google Drive, and you have access to it, you can check this spreadsheet to see your submissions. Here’s how to see which Google Forms I submitted using Google Drive:

  • Open Google Drive.
  • Locate the shared folder or file that contains the form responses.
  • Open the spreadsheet to find your responses.

3. Use Browser History

Another method on how to see which Google Forms I submitted is through your web browser’s history. If you remember the timeframe when you filled out the form, you can look through your history to find the form link. This method is especially useful if you regularly clear your email or don’t receive confirmation emails.

4. Contact the Form Creator

If you’re still struggling with how to see which Google Forms I submitted, consider reaching out to the creator of the form. They can access the backend of the form where all submissions are recorded and can confirm whether they received your responses.

How to See Which Google Forms I Submitted: Advanced Tips

Beyond the basic methods, there are several advanced tips on how to see which Google Forms I submitted that can further assist you in managing your submissions:

Use Google Forms Dashboard

Google Forms does not have a traditional dashboard for respondents to see their submitted forms. However, you can create a personal system to track your submissions:

  • Bookmark the forms you have submitted.
  • Keep a dedicated folder in your email for form submission confirmations.
  • Use a digital notebook or spreadsheet to log the forms you’ve completed.

Automate Response Tracking

For frequent form respondents, automating how you track form submissions can save time and increase efficiency. Use tools like IFTTT or Zapier to connect your email to a spreadsheet, automatically logging each form submission confirmation you receive.

Why It’s Important to Know How to See Which Google Forms I Submitted

Understanding how to see which Google Forms I submitted is not just about keeping track of completed tasks; it has several practical implications:

  • Prevents Duplicate Submissions: Knowing which forms you’ve already submitted helps avoid sending duplicate responses, which can skew data and lead to confusion.
  • Ensures Accountability: For educational or professional settings, tracking your submissions ensures you meet deadlines and fulfill requirements.
  • Organizes Your Records: Keeping a clear record of your interactions can be useful for future reference, especially if these forms relate to ongoing projects or feedback channels.


Knowing how to see which Google Forms I submitted is an essential skill for anyone who frequently uses this tool for work, school, or personal reasons. While Google Forms does not provide a direct method to view past submissions from a respondent’s perspective, the strategies outlined above—from checking email confirmations to using your browser history—can effectively help you keep track of your form submissions. By staying organized and proactive, you can ensure that you never lose track of a Google Form submission again.

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