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How To Root Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 Without Computer

If you want to control the administration of your phone and make it smoother and faster then learn here how to root samsung galaxy note 10.1 without computer.

Many of us are unsure of what rooting means when it comes to your Android device. Rooting is a process which provides you the administrative control to smart phone or android device users running on this operating system. The main benefit of rooting your device is to gain access to the internal operations and overcoming the restrictions which prevent you from uninstalling factory apps that have been included in your device. It can also help in overriding the restrictions in running some particular apps and performing additional functions which have not been offered to a regular android end user.

Samsung is such a sought after brand for a simple reason that the rooting instructions are readily available on the internet, allowing you to unlock the bootloader of your smart phone with relative ease. You can also download and install custom ROM as well as kernels into your smart phone. In layman’s term, when you unlock the bootloader of your device, you gain unrestricted access to your handset.

This is especially beneficial in improving the performance of your device; lifting factory restrictions and removal of unwanted applications which makes your device run faster and smoother. It also gives you parental control on the android handset that limits the usage. You can also upgrade the Android device’s operating system without the permission of the manufacturer with the help of custom ROMs. When the unwanted stock applications have been removed, you can also increase the battery life subsequently.


However, before you go about how to root Samsung galaxy note 10.1 without computer, you need to disable all the security features on your device as well as the PC. Make sure that the battery has been charged to a minimum of 80% to avoid any interruptions while the rooting is in process. Also don’t forget to take the back up of all your important files like images, songs, contacts, videos etc.

Here is the step by step process to begin rooting of your Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1:

Step 1: Download and install 4Shared App on your Samsung Galaxy Note

Step 2: Once it has been successfully installed, open the app

Step 3: When you open the app, type “z4root” in the search tab

Step 4: There are many versions of “z4root” so you need to choose the one called “Z4Root ZTE Blade” and download the APK for this file.

Step 5: Once the app has been downloaded, install the file in your Samsung Galaxy Note

Step 6: Once the installation has been successfully completed, open the app and you will see two options “temporary root” and “permanent root”.

Step 7: No matter what option you choose, your tab will be rooted successfully upon selection of one. To check if your tab has been rooted, you can do so by using the Super App on your Galaxy Note. You can also download this file to validate the rooting process.

At any given point, if you want to un-root or re-root your Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1, you simply need to use the Z4Root app. Once the rooting has been done, you just need to restart the app and choose from one of the two options

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