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How to resize partition with partition magic alternative?

If you have been searching around for a windows disk manager, then look no further than EaseUS Partition Master. It is one of the best solution to migrate to ssd, especially for those of you who have just bought a newer and faster solid state drive.

It is a free windows disk manager that comes highly recommended by the software industry experts and currently being used by more than 30 million users all over the world. Not only can you migrate OS to HDD, but it can also be used for partition recovery and cloning purpose.

Performing tasks such as migrate to ssd is made very easy for everyone. It is also very easy to use this windows disk manager to resize or move partition. All it takes are 5 simple steps and you are good to go.

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  1. First of all, you need to download, install and launch the program. Once inside the main window, you will be able to see a menu bar and a toolbar. The menu bar will display all the features and functions of the windows disk manager which includes the option to migrate to ssd. The toolbar then shows all the commonly used options. The next time you migrate OS to HDD, you should consider doing this.
  2. If you want to extend the partition on C: drive, then proceed to right click on the D: drive on the disk map and select “Resize/Move partition”.
  3. Next is to place your mouse on the left partition handle and drag the handle to the size that you want until it changes to a double-headed arrow.
  4. Now you should be able to see the amount of free space right next to the C: drive. Place your mouse on the right partition handle and drag the handle until the mouse pointer changes to a double-headed arrow.
  5. Once done, the final step is that you will be able to see it under Pending Operations. Click on Apply and in just a few minutes you will have a bigger C: drive.

That’s how easy it is to use this windows disk manager. Other than that, it also can be used to migrate to ssd in just a few steps as well.

This is why EaseUS Partition Master is extremely popular in the first place. This windows disk manager makes it very easy for everyone migrate OS to HDD and start using it for your own good. The best thing is, it is free and very user friendly at the same time. The next time you need to migrate OS to HDD, then you know that this is the application that you should be using.


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