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How to Reduce Cost

Reducing excessive cost is an important decision for growing business and should be done properly and timely.
Learn how to reduce cost.

Whenever you are considering starting up or setting up a new branch office, the one thing that bothers you the most is the cost of setting up the entire infrastructure including the communication and other office equipment. In this post we will have a look at various methods of reducing these costs without much effort. Some of the methods mentioned here like laptop rental is easy and affordable while others like virtual conferences are practically free and saves you a dime. So let us have a look at these methods in the following section of this post:

  • Rentals: You may go for rental services rather than buying all the high costing equipment. Laptops, for instance, can be provided to all your employees by renting them from a single source. There are many advantages of renting mobile computing devices such as laptops. Firstly they will solve the problem of space as laptops require one fourth of the space as compared to PCs or other workstation alternatives. Secondly laptops allow your employees to carry their work wherever they go which increases their availability and efficiency. Also you will always be technologically upgraded when you use laptops instead of those bulky PCs.
  • Go for VoIP: Voice over internet protocol is practically a free of cost way of communicating to all your personnel instantly. The only thing that it requires is a reliable internet connection with both the called and the calling parties. Also VoIP offers you several other benefits as compared to the conventional mobile telecommunication, some of which include free file sharing, video conferencing and a whole bunch of other virtual and physical benefits as well.
  • Video Conferencing: You should go for video conferencing with your employees rather than a physical conference. This will make all your employees available wherever they are and it will also reduce the commutation costs as well. Also video conferencing allows you to share presentations and other related files remotely from the corners of your comfortable homes to your office conference hall in a jiffy.
  • Reconsider the Networking Costs: Networking and inter-personnel communications constitute the major share of your overall infrastructure costs. Almost all of these communications are carried out by utilizing the services of your telecom service provider. You should contact your telecom service provider for the best possible deals and cheapest corporate plans that it can offer to you. Also you should research about the various closed user group plans that your network operator offers as these plans are much more corporate oriented and will cost you far lesser than the ordinary individual plans.
  • Virtualize I&O: Generally the physical servers seldom run on their full capacity. Most of the times they are just 15 % utilized. The virtualization of these servers by software methods can increase their efficiency to almost fourfold. This means that with the same workload when virtualized, you can perform the work satisfactorily with four times less physical servers than you are using presently. This conserves both energy and hardware costs at the same time.
  • Reduce Cooling and Power Needs: If you opt for the latest physical networking arrangement with the state of the art equipment, not only you will require lesser space but also you will consume much lesser power and also you require minimum cooling arrangements. Also the newer designs are more efficient and are more reliable as they are less prone to faults or failure.

So, keep in mind these little tips and you will significantly reduce the infrastructure costs of your office equipment saving you a fortune of investment that can be used otherwise.

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