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e-Waste Recycling: Simplest and Profitable Way to Keep the Environment Greener

In this article we will give you some tips on how to recycle mobile phone.

Tips on how to recycle mobile phone and earn money from it, along with doing good for environment

Just a couple of days back, more than 126 countries celebrated Earth Hour 2010 together, by switching off lights for one hour, thereby making their stand against climate change, especially Global Warming. The event proved to be the biggest Earth Hour till date and such events are a symbol of human efforts to preserve environment and keep it green.

But another critical area where simple efforts from end consumers can make the difference and help keeping environment cleaner and greener is e-Waste Recycling.

As most of the electrical and electronic equipments have a limited life-span, they are bound to be replaced with a new equipment after a couple of years. Heavy consumer electronics such as Air conditioner or refrigerator have much longer lifespan and it is probable that you will not throw such heavy electronic equipment into the dustbin but get it replaced/resold to the traders/manufacturers at a cheap price. This way, heavy consumer electronics keeps getting reused/recycled among the end consumers, which is a good thing from environment’s standpoint.

But that’s not the case with short-lived electronic items such as mobile phones. As most of the end consumers using a mobile phone are most probable to get a new and more advanced smartphone every 18 months or so, the consumers don’t really bother about how they dump their old handset.

As mobile phones constitute considerable quantities of toxic elements such as Arsenic, Mercury, Cadmium, Palladium, lead and Beryllium, an improper disposal can cause prodigious water pollution and environmental imbalance. In majority of cases, the phone gets dumped into the dustbin and ends up polluting thousands of gallons of water and enormous harm to aquatic life.

Solution ?

Recycle your old mobile phones, help keeping environment clean and get paid for doing it as well. Here’s how…

There are plenty of Mobile Phone Recycling resources available on the web, where you simply list your old mobile phone and get it recycled by them. This will get you a decent price for your old phone along with a satisfaction of doing good for the environment.

Companies such as Mazuma Mobile even offer direct money deposit in your bank account in case you get your mobile phone recycled through them, which eventually makes it more comfortable for users to get paid for recycling their old handsets.

So next time, you plan to buy your new smartphone and dump your old handset, you know a smarter and environmental-friendly way of dumping it. Just get it recycled.

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