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How to Recover from Soft Brick

companylogo729In this article we will tell you how to recover from Soft Brick. Here’s the complete details about it:

Android users and custom ROM users never are with the opinion of modding their Android devices because the security is less and the device hence works seamlessly if there isn’t much experimentation. But genuinely, even after knowing the immense capability of the Droids is it justified to delimit the Droids and not explore new ROM and Mods? Definitely not!

All mods and customized ROM flash a warning page or precaution section that you must read. But how come it is related to Soft Brick. Soft Brick is a typical mode for your device that ensures security by letting your phone enters only particular modes. While using Soft Brick one can only put the download mode in the phone, even though sometimes they may accidentally let you recovery mode. Soft Bricks are very common for the Android devices, and there is also a convenient and simple method to unbrick it.

About Soft Brick

How to Recover from Soft Brick

Technically speaking we use the term Soft Brick only when there is a problem with the device. It is often seen when the ROM you have installed is incompatible with your OS. The characteristics of Soft Brick are as follows:

1. Stuck the phone on Logo for vendor.

2. Phone stuck with the logo of ‘boot animation’

3. Normal rebooting is impossible.

4. Cannot gets the recovery mode on the device.

5. Getting the download mode only on device.

6. Cannot power up the device or cannot be located on the PC without the use of third party apps.

7. ODIN flash unable every time while flashing with a PDA file.

Reasons for Soft Bricking  the Device After Installation of CUSTOM ROM

1. The ROM that has been used is not compatible with the phone type.

2. Google Apps uninstalled after the installation of ROM is complete.

3. ROM is incompatible with the kernel that is in use. (Technically there are two kinds of ROM stock- ROM kernel and Custom Kernel ROM. Stock ROM is meant for those who have locked bootloader; custom kernel is for those who have unlocked bootloader).

4. For not doing a wipe data/full swipe/ factory reset and at the same time wipe cache following flash ROM will also give similar softbrick experience.

5. Not following instructions properly while installing.

How to Unbrick your Device?

Follow this tutorial for recovering your device from Soft Brick. This process can only be followed if you can flash via ODIN on your device. Samsung Galaxy models can easily do so.

a. Download the firmware Stock that is recommended for your model number.

b. Download that firmware that has .pit File because it has a vital part to play.

c. Download ODIN and then extract its contents.

d. Take your device to download mode by pressing the Volume up key+ Home key+ Power key simultaneously.

e. Now connect USB cable to the PC, remove the battery of your device and then reinsert it. Holding down Volume up and Down keys insert the other end of the USB cable in your device.

f. You are in download mode and here click start ODIN.

g. Run the program, prepare ODIN, check “auto Reboot” option and remove checking in of all other options simultaneously.

h. Choose PDA and then choose TAR that you have downloaded.

i. Now tap Phone button and choose MODEM among file names. You can ignore this step if the file is missing.

j. Now tap CSC button and choose “CSC” among file names. You can ignore this step if the file is missing.

k. Press PIT button and then select .pit file.

l. In ODIN now check enable Auto Reboot with F. Reset Time option. If you are choosing the Repartition Option check it (only if .pit file is chosen previously).

m. Now select the files that you want to install on your phone after finding these from extracted firmware files downloaded earlier.

n. And click the Start button in ODIN. The firmware will begin installing.

All ends here with your phone starting auto-reboot and working normally again!



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