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How to Post Anonymously on Facebook

Facebook, the popular social media platform, encourages users to connect and share their thoughts openly. However, there may be times when you want to post anonymously, protecting your identity while expressing your opinions or sharing sensitive information. Although Facebook does not provide a built-in feature for anonymous posting, there are certain methods and strategies you can employ to maintain your privacy. In this article, we will explore different ways to post anonymously on Facebook, both in groups and on your personal profile.

How do I post anonymously in a Facebook group?

While Facebook does not offer a direct option for anonymous posting, there are a few approaches you can take to maintain your anonymity within a Facebook group.

  1. Create a pseudonymous account: One way to post anonymously in a Facebook group is to create a separate account using a pseudonym. Choose a name and profile picture that do not reveal your true identity. By using this pseudonymous account, you can participate in group discussions without compromising your privacy.
  2. Use a dedicated email address: When creating a new Facebook account for anonymous posting, consider using a dedicated email address that is not linked to your personal information. This helps to further protect your identity and maintain anonymity.
  3. Adjust privacy settings: To ensure your pseudonymous account remains anonymous, adjust the privacy settings of your Facebook profile. Limit the visibility of your personal information and posts to “Friends” or customize your settings to restrict access to specific individuals or groups.

How to post anonymously on Facebook group on iPhone

Posting anonymously in a Facebook group on your iPhone requires using alternative methods since Facebook does not have a built-in feature for anonymous posting. Here’s one approach you can take:

  1. Install a third-party app: Download and install a third-party app, such as “Friendly Social Browser,” from the App Store. These apps provide alternative interfaces for accessing Facebook and often include features like anonymous posting.
  2. Create an account within the app: Open the third-party app and create a new account using a pseudonym and a dedicated email address. Follow the app’s instructions to set up your anonymous profile.
  3. Access the Facebook group: Once you’ve created your anonymous account within the third-party app, navigate to the desired Facebook group. You should be able to participate in group discussions and post anonymously using this app.

How to post anonymously on Facebook group via desktop

If you prefer using Facebook on your desktop, you can utilize a web browser extension called “Openbook” to post anonymously in a Facebook group. Here’s how:

  1. Install the “Openbook” extension: Install the “Openbook” browser extension on your preferred web browser. This extension provides an alternative interface for Facebook, allowing for anonymous posting.
  2. Create an anonymous profile: Open Facebook in your browser and click on the “Openbook” extension icon. Follow the instructions to create a new anonymous profile, using a pseudonym and a dedicated email address.
  3. Access the Facebook group: Once you’ve set up your anonymous profile, navigate to the Facebook group where you want to post anonymously. Use the “Openbook” interface to participate in group discussions without revealing your identity.

How to enable anonymous posts in a Facebook group

If you are the administrator or moderator of a Facebook group and want to enable anonymous posting for the members, follow these steps:

  1. Go to your Facebook group: Access the Facebook group you manage through your personal profile.
  2. Click on “Settings”: In the top-right corner of the group page, click on “Settings” to access the group settings menu.
  3. Select “Group Settings”: From the settings menu, click on “Group Settings” to proceed to the group configuration options.
  4. Scroll down to the “Post Approval” section:  Scroll down to the “Post Approval” section within the group settings.
  5. Enable “Post Approvals”: To enable anonymous posts, toggle on the “Post Approvals” option. This setting allows you, as the group administrator or moderator, to review and approve posts before they appear publicly.
  6. Communicate the guidelines: Clearly communicate the guidelines and expectations for anonymous posting within the group. Provide instructions on how members can submit their anonymous posts for review and approval.
  7. Review and approve anonymous posts: Regularly check the pending posts in the group’s moderation queue. Review the anonymous posts submitted by group members and approve them if they meet the group’s guidelines and standards.

By enabling anonymous posting within your Facebook group, you provide a space for members to express their thoughts and opinions without revealing their identities.


While Facebook does not have a native feature for anonymous posting, there are alternative methods and strategies to maintain your privacy when sharing content. By creating pseudonymous accounts, using dedicated email addresses, adjusting privacy settings, and utilizing third-party apps or browser extensions, you can post anonymously on Facebook groups or your personal profile.

For group administrators or moderators who wish to allow anonymous posts, enabling post approvals and communicating clear guidelines ensures a safe and respectful environment for members to express themselves anonymously.

Remember, it’s essential to use these anonymous posting methods responsibly, respecting the terms of service and guidelines set by Facebook. Always adhere to the principles of respectful communication and consider the impact of your posts on the community.

While anonymous posting can provide a certain level of privacy, it’s crucial to strike a balance between expressing your opinions anonymously and fostering open and transparent discussions. Use anonymity as a tool to protect yourself, but also be mindful of building trust and engaging in constructive conversations within the Facebook community.

So, whether you choose to post anonymously in groups or enable anonymous posting as a group administrator, these methods allow you to express yourself and participate in discussions while maintaining your privacy on Facebook. Happy posting!

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