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How to Open Zip Files on iPhone: A Comprehensive Guide

Zip files are a popular way to compress and bundle multiple files into a single package, making it easier to store, send, and organize them. If you’re an iPhone user, you might wonder how to open zip files directly on your device. In this article, we will guide you through the process of opening zip files on your iPhone, step by step. Whether you need to access documents, photos, or any other files stored within a zip file, we’ve got you covered.

How to Open a Zip File on iPhone:

  1. Using the Files App: The Files app is a built-in file manager on iOS devices that allows you to browse and manage files stored on your iPhone. Here’s how you can open a zip file using the Files app:
    a. Locate the zip file in your preferred location.
    b. Tap on the zip file to preview its contents.
    c. Tap on the “Preview Content” button to access the files within the zip.
  2. Third-Party Apps: There are numerous third-party apps available on the App Store that specialize in file compression and extraction. Some popular options include WinZip, iZip, and Documents by Readdle. Follow these steps to open a zip file using a third-party app:
    a. Install your preferred file compression app from the App Store.
    b. Launch the app and navigate to the location where the zip file is stored.
    c. Select the zip file and choose the option to extract or open it.

How to Create a ZIP File on iPhone

Creating zip files on your iPhone can be useful when you want to bundle multiple files together for sharing or storage purposes. Here’s how you can create a zip file on your iPhone:

  1. Using the Files App:
    a. Open the Files app and navigate to the folder containing the files you want to zip.
    b. Long-press on the first file to select it and continue selecting the remaining files.
    c. Tap the “More” option, usually represented by three dots.
    d. Select “Compress” or “Zip” to create a zip file with the selected files.

How Do Zip Files Work

Zip files use a compression algorithm to reduce the file size of one or more files into a single archive. This compression method allows for faster file transfers, decreased storage space requirements, and easier organization. When you extract the contents of a zip file, the compressed files are decompressed and restored to their original form.

Why Do Businesses Use Zip Files:

Zip files are commonly used in business settings for various reasons, including:

  • Efficient file transfer: Zip files help reduce the size of files, making it easier to share large amounts of data via email or other transfer methods.
  • Data organization: By bundling multiple files into a single zip, businesses can keep related files together, simplifying storage and retrieval.
  • Data compression: Zip files compress files, resulting in reduced storage requirements, which is beneficial for archiving purposes.

How to Create a ZIP File Using Shortcuts

Apple’s Shortcuts app provides a convenient way to automate tasks on your iPhone, including creating zip files. Follow these steps to create a zip file using Shortcuts:

  1. Install the Shortcuts app from the App Store if you haven’t already.
  2. Open the Shortcuts app and tap the “+” button to create a new shortcut.
  3. Search for the “Create Archive” action and add it to your shortcut.
  4. Specify the files or folders you want to include in the zip file.
  5. Save the shortcut and give it a name.
  6. Run the shortcut to create the zip file.


Opening zip files on your iPhone is a straightforward process, whether you use the built-in Files app or choose to install a third-party app for added features. Additionally, creating zip files can help you organize and share multiple files efficiently. By following the steps outlined in this article, you’ll be able to handle zip files on your iPhone with ease. Enjoy the convenience and benefits of working with zip files on your iOS device!

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