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How to Make Windows 8 Look Like Linux?

Windows  8 created a lot of problems for the people using it. So for those who love to use Linux this article may be good for them as here we will tell you how to make windows 8 look like linux.

Windows 8 is the latest operating system from Microsoft which includes plenty of cool features including Metro UI which is tiles based, revamped start screen, multi-touch support and faster booting time. There are certain theme packs and tools which can make the appearance of Windows 8 similar to Linux. Users who are passionate about Linux and want to make the appearance of the Windows 8 similar to Linux can make use of such themes. The Latest Linux version includes the Mint 14 which is combination of Gnome user interface and HUD interface of Ubuntu.

There are many theme packs which you can download for free that can convert your Windows 8 Desktop similar to Linux. The popular themes are Ubuntu1304 theme pack for Windows 8 and they include fifteen HD Ubuntu wall papers which are elegant and will add beauty to your Desktop. The default colors which are used for window and menus in the Windows 8 operating system will be replaced to match the Ubuntu Operating system. There is also sound scheme which matches the Linux sounds.

How to Make Windows 8 Look Like Linux?

Another popular theme which can make your Windows 8 look like Linux is Smooth Ubuntu Human theme which includes all the features of the Linux operating system. Apart from graphic elements like fonts, wallpapers, icons and cursors you will also obtain DLL patcher which helps you to make use of theme though it might not be visual theme official. You will be really impressed with the theme colors and wall papers which will match the appearance of Linux operating system. You can also download and install 3rd party widgets and icon sets you wish. The theme is very attractive and includes all the necessary elements including icon packs, videos, games, widgets, wall papers, background colors and sounds. Smooth Ubuntu Human is considered as complete visual theme suitable for Windows similar to Linux operating system and includes graphic materials such as wall papers, cursors, icons and fonts.

The Linux Mint 14 is the latest release for Linux along with Cinnamon 1.6 Desktop which includes an appearance in combination of traditional Gnome User interface and HUD interface of Ubuntu. It has kernel version 3.5.5 and also latest tools like Firefox 17, VLC 2.0.4, LibreOffice and GIMP 2.6. It is one of the most powerful operating systems with latest Cinnamon 1.6 user interface which includes more than eight hundred enhancements compared to previous UI. One of the important enhancements is inclusion of GUI browser Nemo which has been designed especially for Cinnamon and appears similar in appearance to windows Explorer. All these features are present in the Smooth Ubuntu Human Theme which can make your Windows 8 appear similar to Linux. The Cinnamon UI features short cuts on left panel with folder contents on right hand side. You can also find shortcuts to links such as download, individual hard drives, videos, trash, and network devices. There is no shortcut for My Computer which is normally found in Windows Desktop. You can also Add Bookmark in the top menu. Overall the theme has user-friendly environment and eye-candy design which will convert the Windows 8 operating system to Linux.

Another popular Linux theme for Windows 8 is ClearLooks which is an open source theme designed by Linux developers specifically for Windows 8 Operating System. It has elegant windows style and wall papers which resemble the Linux operating system. All you have to do is download the msstyles for the visual theme and activate it from Display settings of Windows. It includes certain matching skins and backgrounds which can be installed as per your wish. But it lacks icon sets and custom widgets which you have to download from 3rd party. Also you have to change the cursors manually which is a minor drawback of the theme.

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