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How to make a USB Keylogger Autorun?

This article will help you in creating a USB Keylogger autorun so that you can open up the USB drive in a single click.

Today, we are dealing with a rather unconventional topic. But before we get deep into the technical nitty-gritties. Let’s understand the basic terms used in the concept.

Keylogging records keystrokes of computers. A Keylogger is a program which is usually used for hacking information the user of a particular computer inputs using the keyboard. The program is meant generally to learn somebody’s username, password and other confidential info. What we need to learn is how to make a USB Keylogger autorun. For this we will need to follow the steps sequentially.

1. Get Ready: Bring home the things you will need.

  • A USB Drive for Keylogging
  • Programs and files. A batch file, an autorun file and programs that can be downloaded.

Create an autorun file for executing keyloggers from your USB drive or purchase it.

2. Get started: Here are the step by step instructions you must follow to make a USB Keylogger autorun

  • Plug the USB in and look for the autorun to pop-up.
  • You may choose any of the text editors. We are using Notepad++ for our convenience

First up, the Autorun file

To create the Auto run file. Type the commands as they appear in the demonstration below:


Here is an explanation of each command used for a better understanding

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  • Label is the name you choose for the drive.
  • Icon you must know is Icon file its extension is .ico
  • Open is the command to open the batch file which will be made later. Its extension is .bat.
  • Action asks for the action you need to execute.
  • Name the file as Autorun.inf

3. Now let’s focus on the Batch File:

  • Name the file the same that you called it in the autorun file.
  • Type the following in the text editor you are using:


Here goes the explanation of each command:

  • @echo off suppresses any prompt or window permanently
  • Title  is to denote a title to the batch file
  • Start and pause function as usual
  • Goto relocates the file to a another section within the script
  • Eof denotes end of file
  • You will see the words FoldersApplication. Which you will need to change in two steps.
  • Name the progress as KTX.bat.
  • Place the file in the same directory as you have placed the Autorun.inf file

4. Install:

The next thing you need to consider is installing a hacking program. Among the proven ones are LSASecretsView, Sniff Pass, and some more.

5. Modify

Next, you need to modify KTX.bat. For that what you need to do is;

  • Go to the auto run file and change the link to it.
  • If you have used ,multiple applications you would obviously need multiple lines of the code used
  • Drag the folders with the keylogger program(s) to the app folder.

6. Lastly:

You now have the autorun.inf file and the KTX.bat file. You should also have the hacking files/keylogger files of your preference: Next you must see if you’ve executed things correctly.

  • Test your final output
  • Unplug and plug the USB Drive in
  • If it doesn’t help you must have made some mistakes, trace out the errors and execute the commands again.



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