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How to Make a Boomerang Video

how to make a boomerang video

A boomerang video is a fun and innovative way to capture moments in a unique manner. These short looping videos, akin to a GIF, play a scene forward and then backward, giving a ‘boomerang’ effect to the clip. But how do you create such a fun little piece of media? Well, by the end of this article, you’ll know exactly how to make a boomerang video. Let’s dive in!

How to Make a Video into a Boomerang

Creating a captivating boomerang video is an art in itself. Transforming your ordinary videos into mesmerizing boomerangs can be a game-changer for your social media game. So, how exactly can you turn that standard video clip into a fun, looped boomerang video? Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you understand how to make a video into a boomerang:

  1. Select Your Video: Before you start, ensure you have a video that’s suitable for a boomerang. Ideally, the action in the video should be concise and clear, as a sudden or complicated movement might not provide the desired boomerang effect.
  2. Choose the Right Tool: There are several mobile apps and online tools designed specifically to transform regular videos into boomerangs. Some popular options include Boomerang from Instagram, GIPHY, and Kapwing.
  3. Trim and Edit: Once you’ve chosen your platform:
    • Upload or import your video.
    • Use the in-app trimming tools to select the part of the video you wish to boomerang. Remember, shorter clips often make more effective boomerangs.
    • Some apps might also provide additional editing tools, allowing you to adjust speed, apply filters, or make other tweaks.
  4. Apply the Boomerang Effect: Depending on the tool you’re using, there should be an option to convert the selected video segment into a boomerang. This function plays the clip forwards and then reverses it in a continuous loop.
  5. Preview and Adjust: After applying the effect, always preview the video. Check if the boomerang transition looks seamless. If not, you might need to adjust the start and end points of the clip.
  6. Save and Share: Once satisfied with your boomerang video, save it to your device. Most tools will allow you to save in various formats suitable for different social media platforms.

Remember, the key to a great boomerang video is simplicity. Complex actions can become confusing when looped in a boomerang format. So, when thinking about how to make a video into a boomerang, consider the end effect you want to achieve and select your video clip accordingly.

How to Make a Video a Boomerang on Instagram

Instagram, with its suite of features, has become the go-to platform for sharing visual content. Among its many features, Boomerang stands out as a popular tool for creating dynamic and fun short videos. But what if you already have a pre-recorded video that you’d like to turn into a boomerang on Instagram? Let’s explore the steps on how to make a video a boomerang on Instagram:

  1. Start with Instagram’s Boomerang Tool:
    • First things first, it’s essential to know that the native Boomerang tool on Instagram is primarily designed to capture live moments and turn them into boomerangs immediately. It doesn’t convert pre-recorded videos.
  2. Use External Apps:
    • Since Instagram’s native tool doesn’t convert existing videos, you’ll need to rely on third-party apps. Many apps, like ‘Boomerang Video Maker’ or ‘Loop Video’, can turn your pre-recorded videos into boomerangs.
    • After creating the boomerang using the external app, save it to your device.
  3. Upload to Instagram:
    • Open Instagram and tap the ‘+’ icon at the bottom center of your screen.
    • Choose the ‘Story’ or ‘Post’ option, depending on where you want to share your boomerang.
    • Select your newly created boomerang from your gallery and proceed as you would with any other content.
  4. Enhance with Instagram Tools:
    • Before posting, you can use Instagram’s built-in editing tools to add filters, stickers, or text to your boomerang.
    • Adjust the length or crop it if needed. Remember, for Stories, the video needs to be up to 15 seconds. For Feed posts, it can be longer.
  5. Post and Engage:
    • Once you’re happy with how your boomerang looks, hit ‘Share.’ Engage with your followers, reply to their comments, and see how they react to your exciting new content.

While Instagram doesn’t natively support converting pre-recorded videos into boomerangs, the process becomes simple with the help of third-party apps. So, the next time you’re wondering how to make a video a boomerang on Instagram, remember these steps, and you’ll be looping in no time!

How do you Boomerang an Existing Video on Instagram

One of the most exciting features that Instagram offers is the Boomerang tool. While it’s primarily designed to capture real-time moments, many users wonder how to take advantage of this feature with pre-existing videos. Though Instagram doesn’t natively allow for turning old videos into Boomerangs, there are workarounds. So, how do you Boomerang an existing video on Instagram? Let’s break it down.

  1. Understand the Boomerang Mechanics:
    • A Boomerang plays a short clip forward and then backward in a loop, creating a fun and engaging visual effect. Keeping this in mind can help you select the most suitable portion of your existing video for this treatment.
  2. Select a Third-Party Application:
    • As of my last update in September 2021, Instagram doesn’t allow you to directly convert an existing video into a Boomerang within the app. Hence, you’ll need to turn to external applications.
    • Apps like ‘Boomerang Video Maker’, ‘Loop Video’, or ‘GIPHY’ are designed to create boomerang-style videos from existing clips. Make sure to pick an app that offers good reviews and ensures data privacy.
  3. Choose and Convert:
    • Open the chosen application and upload your existing video.
    • Trim the video to a suitable short clip (usually a few seconds) that you want to Boomerang.
    • Use the app’s features to turn this clip into a Boomerang-style video.
    • Save the resulting Boomerang video to your device.
  4. Post on Instagram:
    • Launch Instagram and tap on the ‘+’ icon to create a new post or story.
    • Navigate to your gallery and select the Boomerang video you just created.
    • Enhance it with Instagram’s suite of tools—add captions, stickers, or filters as needed.
    • Share your Boomerang, and watch as your followers engage with your captivating content.
  5. Stay Updated:
    • Platforms like Instagram frequently roll out new features and changes. It’s a good idea to stay updated with these changes, as a native feature for converting existing videos into Boomerangs might be added in the future.

How to Add Music to Boomerang

Boomerang videos are already a delight to watch with their playful looped actions. But adding music can elevate the viewer’s experience, turning a simple clip into a memorable piece of content. If you’re wondering how to add music to Boomerang, you’re in the right place. Let’s delve into the steps to give your Boomerang that rhythmic touch.

  1. Directly Through Instagram:
    • Capture or Upload Your Boomerang: Start by either capturing a new Boomerang or uploading an existing one to your Instagram Stories.
    • Music Icon: Once your Boomerang is ready in your story, tap on the music note icon, usually located at the top of the screen.
    • Choose Your Track: Instagram will present you with a library of songs. You can search for your favorite track or browse the available categories.
    • Select the Song Portion: Once you’ve picked a song, you’ll be able to choose which specific part of the track you want to accompany your Boomerang. This allows you to match the beat or lyrics to the content of your Boomerang perfectly.
    • Post Your Story: After adding music, you can post the Boomerang to your story. Your viewers will now see your Boomerang with the accompanying music track.
  2. Using Third-Party Apps:
    • If you want more flexibility or are using a platform other than Instagram, third-party video editing apps can come in handy.
    • Apps like InShot, Clipomatic, and Quik allow you to import both Boomerang videos and your music tracks. You can then adjust the duration, volume, and specific portion of the song you want to play.
    • After editing, simply save the Boomerang with the music to your device, ready to be uploaded wherever you like.
  3. Consider Copyright Restrictions:
    • When deciding how to add music to Boomerang, always be mindful of copyright restrictions. While Instagram has licensing agreements allowing users to add a variety of tracks to their content, other platforms might not.
    • If you’re planning to use the Boomerang for commercial purposes or on platforms outside of Instagram, consider using royalty-free music or obtaining necessary permissions to avoid copyright issues.
  4. Match the Mood:
    • The choice of music can change the entire feel of your Boomerang. A high-energy track can make an action seem more dynamic, while a slower melody might give it a more relaxed vibe. Experiment with different tracks to see what fits best.

In essence, understanding how to add music to Boomerang is about pairing the right tune with the right moment, and with the tools at your disposal, it’s never been easier. So, get creative, and give your Boomerangs a musical twist that resonates with your audience!

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