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How to Install .XAP on Windows Phone 8 Without SD Card

Installing Silverlight apps on windows phone 8 is not an easy task. If you own a windows phone then learn how to install .xap files on WP8 without SD card.

Basically, a .xap file is nothing but a Silverlight application. This innovative Microsoft Platform is to offer more interaction convenience on the desktop, internet and mobile applications, at offline and online modes . Silverlight applications can be downloaded for free from the Microsoft website and it is compatible with varied operating systems and browsers.

The .xap file is also a .zip file, and within it is included all essential application. Just renaming it into .zip extension file will allow you to open and see its contents. Within windows phone operating system, XAP formats are used to install applications and middleware, and it is essentially the file format of the Silverlight applications.

First Method:

.XAP File Installation by Using SD Cards on Windows Phone

Windows Phone Market Place will allow you to run an application after being downloaded from the site to a SD card and then to the phone. Installation of apps using SD cards is a new method and this .xap file extensions have been created by Silverlight applications, to be used on windows phone devices. You may directly download the .xap file from the Windows Store transfer it to the SD card and then insert it to the mobile gadget.

install xap on windows 8

You must follow the following steps to ensure successful installation of the file format-

1. Go to the start screen, tap on the icon for Store and then choose SD card by tapping.

2. Now select all the apps you want in the list, tap on the install icon. In this context check whether you have the latest format of the .xap apps that are compatible with your device.

3. Now hold your patience and after installation you may enjoy the app on your device.

Method Two:

Installation of .xap Files on Windows 8 Phones Without Using SD cards

In this section, we will discuss how to install .xap file without using SD cards. But beware follows the processes exactly or you may end up with an installation error.

1. Begin by turning on your phone running on Windows 8 OS.

2. Then transfer the .xap files directly to the device by downloading.

3. Now check out for the location of the file where it has been stored.

4. Now to begin the process of installation by tapping on twice.

5. Hold your patience as the installation is being done.

6. Accept the terms and conditions that come on display.

7. Now restart your device once again and you will be able to use the installed file.

Sideloading .XAP Apps from SD Cards to Windows Phone Using PC

It is very convenient and simple to download games and applications from the Windows Phone Store directly, but you can sideload them from the convenience of your SD card if your phone supports it. For sideloading a game or an app you must have a SD card that contains Windows .xap files. You may download the .xap files in your PC and then transfer them to your SD card.

Downloading .XAP files from Windows Phone Store

1. Open your web browser and go to the link-

2. Choose the app that you like to have by clicking on Apps+Games.

3. Now scroll down and click the option- Download and Install manually.

4. A prompt window will pop up for saving the .xap file in your desired location whether it is SD Card, PC or other storage device.

Note: If you save the .XAP files in a place other than SD card, you will have to transfer them to SD card first and then install it on your phone.

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