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How To Install Clockworkmod Recovery On LG Optimus L9

Learn here how to install clockworkmod recovery on LG optimus L9 by rooting the phone.

LG Optimus L9 P760 has been favored highly by the users because of its amazing hardware specifications. The phone has undergone further improvement in terms of functionality and firmware. Even though there have been lots of changes to the original working of the phone, the smart phone enthusiasts around the world are not particularly thrilled by the available features and some occasional bug fixes. What they want is a lot more from their handset and is willing to try a thing or two to make that happen. The best thing to do here would be root your device and install a custom firmware that will meet your necessary requirements. However, to be able to do that, you need to first learn How to Install Clockworkmod Recovery on LG Optimus L9 which is a custom recovery tool.


Before you begin the procedure of downloading the custom recovery tool, you must first make sure that the battery on your phone is at least 80% so that the download and installation can happen without interruption. You also need to take back up of all the necessary data from your device. Save all your photos, songs, videos, MMS Settings etc in a secure location.

Here are the steps to help you download the custom recovery tool:

Step 1: Before you begin the installation of ClockworkMod Recovery Tool, you must first unlock the phone’s bootloader

Step 2: You must then download the ROM toolkit from the internet

Step 3: Connect your smart phone with your computer using good conditioned USB port and USB cable. Turn on the LG software on your handset.

Step 4: Install the previously installed ROM toolkit and run the file in your system

Step 5: A program window will pop open with some options listed on the screen. Type option 3 and press Enter for CWM recovery to reflect on your handset

Step 6: Once the flash has been concluded, you need to turn off your handset by long pressing the power button

Step 7: When the phone has been switched off, the ClockWorkMod Recovery has already been installed in your LG Optimus L9

Step 8: To switch on the phone in recovery mode, you must hold and press the down volume button and home button while pressing the power button simultaneously. When you release the power button, your phone will vibrate slightly to boot into the Recovery Mode.

This tutorial has been tested on LG Optimus L9 and has worked successfully. However, it is recommended to not try it on any other handset as it may damage the device or provide unwanted outcome. Hence for the safety of your Android smart phones or device, refrain from using these steps on anything else other than LG optimus L9.

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