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How to Get Followers on Pinterest

How to Get Followers on Pinterest

Pinterest is a visual wonderland. A platform where users curate, create, and share visual boards based on their interests. As of 2022, Pinterest boasted over 400 million active users, making it a crucial platform for bloggers, brands, and enthusiasts alike. But the big question is: how do you stand out? How do you ensure that your pins aren’t just seen but are also compelling enough for users to follow you? That brings us to our main topic: “how to get followers on Pinterest.”

Understanding Pinterest’s Unique Appeal

Before we dive deep into “how to get followers on Pinterest,” it’s essential to understand the platform’s unique dynamics. Unlike other social media platforms, Pinterest is more of a visual search engine. People come here for inspiration, whether it’s for home decor, recipes, fashion trends, DIY projects, or more. This intent-driven user behavior offers an opportunity for pinners to gain followers by catering to those specific needs and inspirations.

How to Get Followers on Pinterest: Proven Strategies

Let’s explore the different techniques and strategies that answer the burning question of “how to get followers on Pinterest.”

  1. Optimize Your Profile:
    • Profile Picture: Ensure you have a clear profile picture. If you’re a brand, your logo works best. For bloggers or individual users, a bright and friendly face does the trick.
    • Bio: Describe who you are and what you pin about. Use keywords that resonate with your niche.
  2. Create High-Quality Pins:
    • Quality over quantity always wins. Ensure your pins are of high resolution, and the visuals are compelling.
    • Vertical pins perform better given Pinterest’s layout. A recommended aspect ratio is 2:3.
  3. Use SEO Tactics:
    • Pinterest, like Google, relies heavily on search. Understand the keywords in your niche and integrate them into your pin titles, descriptions, and even board names.
    • Utilize Pinterest’s ‘Trends’ tool to find out what’s currently popular.
  4. Engage With the Community:
    • The more you engage, the more visibility you gain. Comment on popular pins in your niche, engage with users who pin your content, and always reply to comments on your pins.
    • Collaboration is key. Collaborative boards can expose you to a wider audience.
  5. Promote Your Pinterest Outside the Platform:
    • If you’re pondering “how to get followers on Pinterest,” consider leveraging your other social media accounts. Share your pins on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.
    • Embed Pinterest boards in your blog posts or website.
  6. Consistency is Crucial:
    • Just knowing “how to get followers on Pinterest” isn’t enough. Consistency in pinning ensures that your content has a higher chance of being seen. But don’t sacrifice quality for frequency.
  7. Join Group Boards:
    • Group boards have multiple collaborators and a broader audience. Joining these can increase your pins’ visibility.
  8. Run Pinterest Ads:
    • If you have the budget, consider promoting your pins. This will enhance visibility and potentially gain you more followers.

Things to Avoid on Pinterest

While it’s vital to understand “how to get followers on Pinterest,” it’s equally crucial to know the pitfalls:

  1. Avoid Over-Promotion: While it’s okay to promote your content or products, ensure your boards have a mix of content from various sources.
  2. Avoid Irrelevant Pinning: Stick to your niche. Irrelevant pins can confuse followers.

Analyze and Refine

As you implement the strategies on “how to get followers on Pinterest,” remember to analyze your results. Use Pinterest Analytics to understand which pins are driving traffic, gaining impressions, and leading to new followers. Refining your strategy based on data will always yield better results.


Gaining followers on any platform requires understanding its dynamics, and Pinterest is no different. As a visually driven platform, the quality of your pins and your engagement with the community plays a pivotal role. The journey to discovering “how to get followers on Pinterest” is filled with experimentation, creativity, and a bit of strategy. With the tips and tricks shared in this guide, you’re well-equipped to grow your Pinterest following and make a significant impact on this dynamic platform. Happy pinning!

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