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How to Find Deleted YouTube Videos

How to Find Deleted YouTube Videos

Finding deleted YouTube videos can be a challenging task. However, with the right tools and techniques, it’s possible to rediscover those lost gems. This comprehensive guide will delve into various methods to help you find and watch videos that have been removed from YouTube.

How to Find Videos Deleted from YouTube

Finding videos that have been deleted from YouTube can often feel like looking for a needle in a haystack, but it’s not an impossible task. There are several strategies and tools you can use to increase your chances of locating these elusive videos. In this section of “How to Find Deleted YouTube Videos”, we will explore various methods to track down and retrieve deleted YouTube content.

1. Utilize Google Search Effectively

One of the first steps in your quest to find deleted YouTube videos should be a thorough Google search. Despite the video being removed from YouTube, there’s a chance it might still be indexed in Google’s vast database. Here’s how to make the most of Google search:

  • Use specific keywords: Include the exact title of the video, if you know it, or any specific phrases or keywords that were in the video. This increases the likelihood of finding a related result.
  • Try variations: If the direct title doesn’t yield results, try variations or related keywords.
  • Look at Google’s Video tab: This can sometimes show results that are not immediately visible in the All tab.

2. Check for Re-uploads on YouTube and Other Platforms

Often, popular videos are re-uploaded by other YouTube users. This is particularly common for viral content or videos with high demand. To find these:

  • Search on YouTube: Use the video’s original title or relevant keywords.
  • Explore other video platforms: Platforms like Vimeo, Dailymotion, or even Facebook might have the video re-uploaded by users.

3. Leverage Social Media

Social media platforms can be treasure troves for finding deleted YouTube videos. People often share videos on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, and even Instagram. Here’s what you can do:

  • Search on social media: Use the video’s title or relevant hashtags.
  • Check the original uploader’s social media profiles: Sometimes content creators share links to their videos across multiple platforms.

4. Use Specialized Search Engines

Apart from Google, there are other specialized search engines that can be used to find deleted YouTube videos. These search engines often have different indexing systems and might have captured the video before it was deleted.

5. Investigate Online Forums and Communities

There are numerous online forums and communities where users discuss and share YouTube content. Websites like Reddit or specialized forums can sometimes have posts or discussions about the video you’re looking for.

6. Try Browser History or Bookmarks

If you’ve watched the video in the past, it might still be in your browser history. This can provide you with the URL or title of the video, which can be a crucial lead in your search.

7. Reach Out for Help

Sometimes, the simplest way to find a deleted YouTube video is by asking around. Post inquiries on social media, forums, or community groups. Others who are interested in the same content might have information or even a saved copy of the video.

How to Watch Deleted YouTube Videos without Wayback Machine

While the Wayback Machine is a popular tool for retrieving deleted internet content, it’s not always effective for recovering deleted YouTube videos. Fortunately, there are alternative methods to watch deleted YouTube videos without relying on the Wayback Machine. In this section of “How to Find Deleted YouTube Videos,” we will explore various approaches to access these elusive videos.

1. Google Cache and Internet Archives

Google’s caching system and other internet archive services often store snapshots of web pages, which might include YouTube video pages. Here’s how to use these resources:

  • Search for the video’s URL in Google Cache: If you know the URL of the deleted video, search for it in Google, and look for the cached version.
  • Explore other internet archives: Websites like or might have stored a version of the video page.

2. Third-Party Video Recovery Websites

There are websites dedicated to archiving YouTube content or assisting in finding deleted videos. These platforms don’t host the videos but might provide valuable information or alternative links to where the video could be found.

  • Be cautious of the legitimacy of these sites: Ensure that the sites you use are reputable and secure to avoid malware or scams.

3. Leverage Browser History and Cache

If you’ve watched the video before, your browser history or cache might have some information:

  • Check browser history: Look for the title or partial URL of the video.
  • Examine browser cache: Some browsers store media files in their cache, which might include the video you’re looking for.

4. Search on Alternative Video Platforms

Sometimes, deleted YouTube videos are re-uploaded on other video hosting platforms:

  • Check platforms like Vimeo, Dailymotion, or BitChute: Use the same search strategies as you would on YouTube to find the video.

5. Use Video ID or Title in Search Engines

Every YouTube video has a unique ID. If you have this ID or the exact title:

  • Perform a focused search: Use this information in various search engines to see if the video is available elsewhere.

6. Seek Help from Online Communities and Forums

Engage with online communities and forums related to the video’s content. Members might have downloaded the video or know where to find it.

  • Post inquiries: Be specific about what you’re looking for to get more accurate responses.

7. Contact Content Creators or Fellow Viewers

If you know who uploaded the video or have connections with others who watched it, reaching out to them could provide a direct link or a copy of the video.

8. Check for Mirrored Versions

Sometimes, users mirror or make copies of popular YouTube videos. These mirrored versions can be found using similar search techniques as the original video.

Other Methods to Watch Deleted YouTube Videos

Apart from the conventional methods like using the Wayback Machine or searching through Google Cache, there are several other innovative and lesser-known techniques you can employ to watch deleted YouTube videos. This section of “How to Find Deleted YouTube Videos” will delve into some alternative strategies that can help you in your quest to find and watch these elusive videos.

1. Contacting the Video Creator

One of the most straightforward methods is to directly contact the creator of the video. If they have a social media presence or an email address available, reaching out to them could yield positive results. They might provide you with a copy of the video or re-upload it upon request.

2. Using Social Media Groups and Pages

Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn often have groups or pages dedicated to specific interests or communities. Joining these groups and asking members if they have a copy of the video or information about it can be surprisingly effective.

3. Looking for Reaction or Commentary Videos

Sometimes, other YouTube creators make reaction or commentary videos that include segments of the original deleted video. Searching for these types of videos can provide you with at least portions of the content you’re looking for.

4. Exploring Video Aggregator Websites

There are websites that aggregate video content from various sources, including YouTube. These sites sometimes retain copies of videos even after they’re deleted from the original platform. Websites like DTube or PeerTube might be useful in this regard.

5. Using Screen Recording Archives

In some cases, viewers who anticipated that a video might be deleted may have recorded their screen while watching it. Asking around in forums or social media groups for such recordings can sometimes yield results.

6. Check Fan Sites and Dedicated Blogs

For videos that are part of a popular series, genre, or niche, fan sites and dedicated blogs might host copies or clips of the video. These enthusiasts often archive content for posterity and are usually happy to share it with fellow fans.

7. Using Specialty Search Engines for Deleted Content

There are search engines that specialize in finding deleted or hard-to-find content. While these are less mainstream than Google or Bing, they can sometimes turn up results that larger search engines do not.

8. Crowdsourcing Information

Platforms like Reddit, Quora, or even specific Discord channels can be excellent for crowdsourcing information. Posting detailed inquiries about the deleted video can attract the attention of someone who may have a lead or a copy of the video.

9. Exploring Educational and Archive Websites

Some educational and archive websites store video content for research and educational purposes. If the deleted YouTube video has educational or historical significance, it might be worth exploring these resources.


The quest to find deleted YouTube videos can often feel daunting, yet it’s far from impossible. As we’ve explored in “How to Find Deleted YouTube Videos,” there are numerous methods at your disposal, ranging from using internet archives like Google Cache to reaching out directly to video creators. Each method, whether it’s leveraging social media platforms, exploring alternative video hosting sites, or engaging with online communities, offers a unique pathway in your search.

The key to success lies in persistence, creativity, and sometimes a bit of detective work. It’s important to remember that while some methods may work better for certain videos, a combination of different strategies often yields the best results. Whether you’re a researcher looking to retrieve informative content, a fan seeking to revisit a favorite video, or just curious to explore the digital remnants of the past, these tools and tips provide a solid foundation for your endeavor.

In the ever-evolving landscape of the internet, content may come and go, but the traces it leaves behind often remain accessible through various means. By keeping an open mind and utilizing the diverse methods outlined in this guide, you stand a good chance of uncovering those once-lost YouTube videos. So, arm yourself with these strategies, stay patient, and begin your journey to rediscover the hidden gems of the YouTube world.

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