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How To Fake Your Location on Facebook Using Firefox

In this article we will tell you how to fake your location on facebook using firefox. Here are some of the tips.

One thing doing rounds and going viral all over the globe is a social networking site which came into existence in the year 2004. Fondly called FB and officially known as Facebook. According to the survey in September 2012, there were around one billion users who were active on the site. As Facebook is now accessible via mobile as well, it just added to the active users list.

Each and everyone wants to stay updated with what’s happening in the world and around and specifically in their community and circle. For using the Facebook features fully one has to get himself registered and then they can add their friends, snaps, videos and any details or applications they need to use. It was a creation of some of the college fellow men of the Harvard University. The man behind the social networking site was Mark Zuckerberg. In the initial stage it was just confined to the Harvard fellow people.

Geo-location (also known as Geo-tagging) is a way of practicing to access the exact location of the object, person or mobile etc.  It is related to positioning of the systems which are closely bound. It can help you find the location of a system or people. The location regarding the internet connection could be tracked with the help of IP addresses of the systems, RFID invoices, Software’s embedded number etc.

Fake Your Location on Facebook Using FirefoxThere is one IP service which is termed as Whois which tries to locate the location of your system by letting you know the IP address. IP location information can have facts related to Country, Region, City, zip code etc. whereas more detailed analysis could result into ISP languages, proxies, Company Name, Connection speed, house and business etc.

Some of the popular-most web engines like Google, Bing, Facebook, Twitter et-al use the feature of Geolocation. But there are certain users who don’t prefer to reveal their location on the web or socially. So to mask the exact location they try some tweaking to fake the location. Some achieve this by using a VPN or proxy server/browser.

Even if you are not tech-savvy, you may still conveniently stop the service of the geolocation which is provided by the browser. In case of the Mozilla Fire fox browser all you need to do is just type “about: config “- in the address bar. Next, simply locate the settings of “Geo. enabled”. And Bingo!!Click to set it to false.

However, one dependency you would need for faking your locations is geolocator, and that needs to be installed on your system. You need to get the menu bar active to make the geolocator visible. Once done restart the browser for the changes to take effect. Next, access the options Tools->Geolocator> Manage.

From the above tweak you will be able to add the new location to the “add location” radio-button. Via search of map you may trace the location you need to fake yourself to. That’s again your own call. Once saved the options and you have successfully faked your location on Facebook!

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