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How to Extract Audio from Video

how to extract audio from video

At some point in our digital journey, there’s a likelihood we’ve wanted to separate the audio component from a video file. Whether it’s for creating a podcast episode from a recorded talk, isolating a song from a music video, or any other reason, knowing how to extract audio from video is a valuable skill. This comprehensive guide on “how to extract audio from video” will take you through various methods, tools, and platforms to achieve this.

How to Extract Audio from a Video

Extracting audio from a video can be an essential tool in many multimedia projects. From creating standalone audio files for podcasting to developing sound clips for digital projects, the reasons are plenty. In this section, we’ll guide you through the process using both free and paid software solutions.

  1. Using VLC Media Player:
    • Open VLC: If you don’t have VLC, it’s a free and open-source media player available for all major platforms.
    • Media Menu: Go to the Media dropdown menu at the top-left corner and choose ‘Convert/Save’.
    • Add Video: Click the ‘Add’ button and select your desired video file.
    • Convert: Click the ‘Convert/Save’ button at the bottom, which will open another window.
    • Settings: Here, under the ‘Profile’ dropdown, you can select an audio format such as MP3 or WAV.
    • Destination: Choose a destination for your audio file by clicking the ‘Browse’ button, name your file, and save.
    • Start: By clicking the ‘Start’ button, VLC will begin the extraction process.
  2. Using Audacity:
    • Install and Open Audacity: It’s a free, open-source, cross-platform audio software.
    • Import Video: Go to ‘File’ then ‘Open’ and select your video file. Audacity will automatically extract the audio.
    • Edit (Optional): If you wish, you can edit, enhance, or trim the audio.
    • Export: Go to ‘File’, then ‘Export’ and select your desired audio format, such as MP3 or WAV.
  3. Dedicated Online Tools:
    • Websites like OnlineVideoConverter, Audio Extractor, and Zamzar allow you to upload a video file and extract the audio directly. Simply upload, select the desired audio format, and download the extracted audio. Keep in mind, however, the size limit and ensure you use trusted platforms to ensure data safety.
  4. Using Professional Software:
    • If you’re into professional video editing, software like Adobe Premiere Pro or Final Cut Pro also has features that allow you to extract audio. Simply import the video into the timeline, right-click and choose to export audio only.

No matter which method you choose, the core idea is to obtain a clear and high-quality audio file that can be used for your desired purpose. Each tool has its strengths, so it’s wise to experiment and see which one best matches your needs. Remember, while extracting audio from a video is a straightforward process, it’s essential to respect copyright laws and only use the content for permissible purposes.

How to Extract Audio from Video on iPhone

The iPhone, with its multifunctional capabilities, is more than just a phone; it’s a potent multimedia device. For content creators, journalists, or even casual users, there might be times when you want to extract audio from a video right on your iPhone. Here’s how you can achieve this without the need to transfer your files to a computer:

  1. Using Voice Memos:
    • Play the Video: Open the video you want to extract audio from and play it.
    • Record with Voice Memos: Simultaneously, open the Voice Memos app and start a new recording. Make sure the environment is quiet for best results.
    • Save and Trim: Once done, stop the video and the recording. You can trim the unnecessary parts of the audio within the Voice Memos app.
    • Note: This method might not provide the highest quality, but it’s a quick solution without any third-party apps.
  2. Using the “AudioShare” App:
    • Download the App: Purchase and install AudioShare from the App Store.
    • Import Video: Open the app, tap on the import icon, and select the video from which you want to extract audio.
    • Extract Audio: Once imported, tap on the video and select ‘Extract Audio’.
    • Save or Share: After extraction, you can save the audio to your desired location or share it.
  3. Using “Video to Audio”:
    • Download the App: Search for the “Video to Audio” app in the App Store and install it.
    • Choose Video: Open the app, and select the video from your library.
    • Extract and Save: The app will automatically convert the video into an audio file, which you can then save or share.
  4. Using “GarageBand”:
    • Create a New Project: Open GarageBand and start a new project.
    • Import Video: Navigate to the loop icon on the top-right, tap on the “Files” tab and then “Browse items from the Files app”. Find and select your video.
    • Extract Audio: Drag and drop the video onto the timeline, and GarageBand will automatically extract its audio.
    • Export: Once done, you can export the audio file to your desired location.
  5. Online Tools:
    • There are online platforms like OnlineVideoConverter or CloudConvert that are mobile-friendly. Visit the website, upload your video, choose an audio format, and download the extracted audio. However, be mindful of data privacy when using online converters.

Extracting audio from a video on the iPhone is relatively easy, especially with the myriad of apps available in the App Store. Depending on the quality you desire and how often you need to perform this task, you can pick the most suitable method from the ones mentioned above. Always remember, when sharing or using the extracted audio, ensure you are abiding by copyright regulations.

How to Extract Audio from YouTube Video

YouTube is a treasure trove of content, and there are countless scenarios where one might want to extract just the audio from a YouTube video, perhaps for offline listening or for use in a personal project. However, while extracting audio, it’s crucial to respect copyright laws and ensure you’re not violating any terms of service. Here’s how you can extract audio from a YouTube video:

  1. Using Online Converters:
    • Online Video Converters: Websites like Y2Mate, 320ytmp3, and YTMP3 allow users to input a YouTube video URL, then choose the desired audio format (typically MP3) to initiate the conversion. Once done, the audio can be downloaded to your device.
    • Beware of Pop-ups: These online converters can sometimes generate unwanted pop-ups or direct you to other sites. Ensure you have a reliable pop-up blocker active.
  2. Desktop Software:
    • 4K Video Downloader: This is a popular desktop application compatible with Windows, macOS, and Linux. Simply copy the video URL from YouTube, paste it into the software, and select ‘Extract Audio’. You can then choose your desired format and quality.
    • ClipGrab: Another user-friendly desktop software, ClipGrab allows you to paste a YouTube link, choose the format, and download the audio.
  3. Browser Extensions:
    • Video DownloadHelper (For Firefox): This extension facilitates the download of both videos and their extracted audio from various sites, including YouTube.
    • Enhancer for YouTube (For Chrome): Along with various features for YouTube playback, this extension offers a simple way to download videos or just extract their audio.
  4. Using VLC Media Player:
    • Copy Video URL: Head to YouTube, navigate to the video you wish to extract audio from, and copy its URL.
    • Open VLC: Click on ‘Media’ and then ‘Open Network Stream’. Paste the URL and click ‘Play’.
    • Stream and Save: Once the video begins to play, navigate to ‘Tools’ and then ‘Codec Information’. In the window that pops up, you’ll find a URL at the bottom. Copy this link and paste it into your browser’s address bar. Right-click to save the video to your computer. Once saved, you can then use VLC or another tool to extract the audio from the video file.
  5. Mobile Apps:
    • TubeMate for Android: This app is not available on the Google Play Store due to its video downloading capabilities. However, it can be sideloaded from its official website. TubeMate allows users to download YouTube videos and also offers an option to download just the audio.

Remember, while these tools and platforms provide a way to extract audio from YouTube videos, always respect copyright laws. Using copyrighted material without permission can lead to legal consequences. It’s always best to request permission from content creators or look for content under the Creative Commons license if you intend to repurpose or share the extracted audio.

9 Best Audio Extractors

In the realm of multimedia editing and content creation, the need to extract audio from video files is recurrent. Whether it’s for podcasting, sampling, or various multimedia projects, a reliable audio extractor is indispensable. Here’s a curated list of the nine best audio extractors available:

  1. Audacity:
    • Platform: Windows, macOS, Linux.
    • Features: Apart from extracting audio, it offers comprehensive audio editing tools. It’s open-source and free.
  2. VLC Media Player:
    • Platform: Windows, macOS, Linux.
    • Features: Primarily a media player, VLC also has a feature to convert video files and extract audio. Being free and open-source is a plus.
  3. Adobe Audition:
    • Platform: Windows, macOS.
    • Features: Part of the Adobe Creative Cloud, this professional audio workstation allows users to extract, edit, and produce high-quality audio.
  4. Freemake Audio Converter:
    • Platform: Windows.
    • Features: It can extract sound from videos, convert audio files into various formats, and merge audio files.
  5. Any Audio Converter:
    • Platform: Windows.
    • Features: As the name suggests, it’s a versatile tool for converting audio. It can also extract audio from videos and CDs.
  6. Wondershare Filmora:
    • Platform: Windows, macOS.
    • Features: Primarily a video editing software, Filmora allows for the simple extraction of audio from video clips, coupled with an intuitive interface.
  7. AoA Audio Extractor:
    • Platform: Windows.
    • Features: With a simple interface, it supports extraction from AVI, FLV, MPEG, WMV, and MOV formats. The free version offers decent functionality.
  8. Switch Audio File Converter:
    • Platform: Windows, macOS.
    • Features: It’s a broad-spectrum audio converter tool. You can extract audio from any video file and convert it into a variety of formats.
  9. EZ CD Audio Converter:
    • Platform: Windows.
    • Features: This tool isn’t just for CDs. It can convert multiple audio file types and extract audio from video. It also offers features like metadata editing and disc burning.

When choosing an audio extractor, consider the specific needs of your project. If you require extensive audio editing post-extraction, software like Audacity or Adobe Audition might be more suitable. For quick and straightforward extraction, tools like VLC or Any Audio Converter could suffice. Always keep copyright considerations in mind, ensuring you have the right to use any extracted content.

Conclusion: How to Extract Audio from Video

In today’s digital age, with a plethora of multimedia tools at our disposal, extracting audio from video has become a straightforward task for both professionals and novices alike. The methods outlined in this article, ranging from desktop software to online tools and mobile apps, offer a diverse range of solutions for various needs and preferences.

Remember, while it’s technically easy to extract audio, always be cognizant of copyright and ownership rights. Ensure you have the necessary permissions, especially if the content isn’t yours or if you plan to use it commercially.

Whether you’re a content creator looking to repurpose video content, a music enthusiast seeking to extract that catchy tune from a video, or someone who simply wants to store a lecture or talk in audio format, the tools mentioned will serve your purpose. With the right tool in hand and a little know-how, “how to extract audio from video” will no longer be a puzzle but rather a skill you master with ease.

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