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How to Expand Internal Memory of Samsung Galaxy S Duos S7562

Learn here how to expand internal memory of Samsung Galaxy S Duos S7562 so that you can enjoy all the features of this phone without anomaly. 

Android Smart phones are one the best ways to carry all your personal data and files with you, wherever you go. This gadget gives the users freedom to use their phones not just for its inherent purpose but also for lots more. However, the only problem with your Samsung Galaxy S Duos S7562 is that it does not have enough memory to support all the influx of data that we would like to keep handy.

It comes equipped with internal memory of 1.8 GB only which is not enough. Thanks to the benefits of Android OS, this anomaly can be overridden in your handsets with the help of few steps.

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If you are wondering about How to Expand Internal Memory of Samsung Galaxy S Duos S7562 then read this tutorial till the end to get the useful information. Here are some prerequisites to start the process of memory expansion in your handsets.

  • Make sure that the phone has been charged to at least 75% so that the process can go through till the end without interruption.

  • All the personal data should be backed up to be on the safe side. Back up your call logs, APN Settings, MMS settings, Video, Images, Music and other important information that you would not like to lose.

  • Before you begin the steps in this tutorial, make sure that your Samsung Galaxy Duos S7562 has been rooted.

  • Download and install the ClockworkMod Recovery to your Android device.

  • If in case you have not already downloaded the custom recovery image, make sure that the bootloader of your Android device has been unlocked.

  • Enable the USB debugging mode and Allow Mock Locations mode on your device. These options can be enabled by accessing applications in the settings tab.

  • Download and install USB drivers for your Samsung device

  • You also need to install the latest updated version of Java SDK and Android SDK on your PC. However, make sure that before you download the Android SDK, Java SDK has already been successfully installed into your computer.

Steps to be followed to increase the internal memory of your Samsung Galaxy Duos S7562:

  • Power off the handset and enter the recovery mode by pressing volume down and home button simultaneously. When you are holding these buttons, you also need to press the power button to enter the said mode.

  • Once you enter the recovery mode, select Wipe Data/Factory Reset option to clear the internal memory of all the stored files. After that, select ‘Wipe Cache Partition for clearing your phone of all the cache from your phone’s memory.

  • Enter the advanced settings and select “Wipe Dalvik Cache” to remove Dalvik Cache from your device.

  • Now go back to the main menu by pressing the back button and then reboot your phone

  • Now download and install the MiniTool Partition Wizard app to your PC

  • From your handset, remove the memory card by disconnecting the device. Now insert the memory card into your computer using the memory card reader. It is advised to not use the USB cable as the app may not work effectively through USB.

  • Run the downloaded app on your PC

  • Select the SD card and right click to choose the options. Select Delete option to completely remove all data from your SD card.

  • Follow the same step again but this time select “Create New” by right clicking SD card and choosing option.

  • Choose file type as “Fat 32” and use the allocate the space as you think is necessary as per your usage

  • Apply the same steps while choosing “Create As: Primary” and then modifying it to EXT2, EXT3 or EXT4 so that a new partition can be created. This space will then be used when new apps are downloaded into your device.

  • Finish the procedure by choosing “Apply” and then you can insert the memory card back into your phone.

  • Download Link2SD into your Samsung Galaxy Duos S7562 and install the file

  • After the file has been installed, run it as per the following steps

    • Click on the Ext2 option and click OK

    • Restart your phone by clicking OK

    • Access settings on your phone

    • Check the Auto Link and Auto Link Notifications and then choose Install Location option

    • In the last step, click on External icon and then switch off your phone by powering off

    • Once the steps have been concluded, choose “Reboot System Now” and restart your phone to access it in normal mode.

By following these steps, you have now expanded the internal memory of your Samsung Galaxy Duos S7562

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