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How To Enter Recovery Mode On Sony Xperia Play

If you want to reset or root your phone then learn here how to enter recovery mode on sony xperia play.

Recovery mode is the process of creating a delicate external partition which can be booted easily and has a recovery console installed into it. If you need to boot into recovery mode, there is a default combination of buttons on your device that when pressed together gives us access to tools that can be used to recover installation and also of the updates pertaining to Operating System.

Android is an open source code which is known to all the Android users. It comes with tools that are readily available and can be used for flashing the operating system of the handset. One of the most commonly used benefits of recovery mode is when we want to restore the default factory settings manually. The recovery will boot the device automatically and delete all the data that has been stored by you in your device. The other option available is to use the Stock recovery mode which also deletes all the files stored in the device as well as the user data and is corresponding to the system update which is the main purpose of using this mode.


Users prefer to use Custom ROM when accessing their phones in the recovery mode as it gives them much greater control of their handset than a stock ROM. Custom ROMs have been designed in such a way that the selected data can be accessed by the user, unlike the Stock ROM that comes with manufacturer restrictions to access default applications. By using a Custom ROM, you would be able to uninstall unwanted apps which cannot be done through a Stock ROM. This is the reason why users prefer ClockWorkMod which offers much greater functionality than stock android.

The main reason for entering the recovery mode is to install the latest updates for your operating system, reformatting the partitions in your phone’s memory, altering the default permissions, create new partitions, mounting/demounting partitions and wipe cache as well as factory settings.

Here are the steps to help you learn How to Enter Recovery Mode on Sony Xperia Play. However, before you begin with the process, you must meet the essential prerequisites on your handset to ensure complete procedure. This tutorial has been designed for your Sony Xperia Play so do not use it on any other device as it may damage or produce unwanted results.


Before starting the procedure, you should charge your handset at least 70-80%. You should also take the backup of all your files and necessary data like your images, songs, videos, SMS etc. When you are starting with this process, it is better to remove your SIM card and the SD card from your Sony Xperia Play.

Here are the steps to enter recovery mode:

Step 1: Switch your handset by pressing the power button or you can also remove your phone’s battery for direct power off. You must wait till the screen is blank and the device is completely switched off.

Step 2: After the device has been turned off, you must press the Power button and simultaneously keep pressing back button until you see the android icon. Soon you would be redirected to the recovery mode page of the handset.

On this page you will see a screen listing menu options that are related to recovery. These steps will help you clear all the stored data on your smart phone and is used for factory reset option. To toggle between options, you can use the volume Up and Down buttons and the power button to confirm your selection.

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