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How To Enter Recovery Mode On Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1

Learn here how to enter into recovery mode on samsung galaxy note 10.1 and use its applications.

If you are a new tech junkie and wondering what a recovery mode is then this tutorial will not only give you a clear understanding about How to Enter Recovery Mode on Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 but also help you know what recovery mode really is and why is it helpful.

Recovery mode is a process of creating a partition which can be booted and has a recovery console installed in it. The recovery mode on any device can be accessed through a combination of several keys pressed simultaneously. Once you enter in that mode, you would be able to see some tools that can be used to recover operating system updates and installation of some apps as well.

It is a well known fact that Android is an open source code and one can easily find the tools that can help in flashing the OS of the handset. To understand it better, recovery mode is mostly used when you want to restore factory settings of your handset manually and go back to the original look of the phone. It will boot your device and delete all the data that has been stored in its internal memory.


Another way of doing this is by using the recovery option called stock recovery mode which can delete all the user data and system files related to the update. However, it is always better to use the Custom ROM as opposed to the Stock ROM because in custom ROMs data are coded as per the users only. You also get much greater functionality as it helps the users in getting rid of all the unwanted apps which he or she cannot install/uninstall through a Stock ROM. When in recovery mode, you can also install latest updates, reformat the partitions, demount the partitions, data factory reset and removal of cache from the memory and also fix permissions.

Before you begin this tutorial, you need to make sure that your Galaxy Note has been at least charged to 70-80% and all the important data files have been backed up. You should also take out the memory card and the SD card from your phone before you begin the procedure. Here are the steps to enter the recovery mode:

Step 1: Either remove the battery from your device or power off your Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1. Make sure that the device has been fully turned off. It is better to wait for the screen to turn completely blank before you proceed with the next steps.

Step 2: Now press a combination of three buttons – power, home and volume up to enter the recovery mode

Step 3: You need to keep holding the buttons for at least 5 seconds until the android logo appears on the screen

Step 4: After sometime, the screen will be redirected to the recovery mode of your Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1

Here you would be able to see number of options that are related to the recovery which helps you clear the data on your smart phone. You can also use it reset the original factory settings of your device. Use the volume button to navigate between the options and power button to select the highlighted option.

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