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How to Enable Software Protection Service In Windows 8

If you want to protect your PC from virus then learn here how to enable software protection service in Windows 8.

The software protection service in Windows 8 allows it to enforce digital licenses. So, it can allow or disallow you to download and install software. If you disable this service then the applications may not run properly. Therefore it is in your best interests to keep it enabled. But, sometimes people disable it because of many reasons like

  • It needs a lot of memory as well as takes up a large percentage of CPU usage. Obviously this slows down the processor and affects its performance in others spheres.
  • You keep getting error messages whenever you are trying to download something. Sometimes these errors occur even at startup and most irritatingly sometimes it pops up even when you are doing nothing.
  • It doesn’t work properly is there is some problem with your hardware.
  • If the process itself is having some problems then, it can hardly take care of the problems facing the computer. So, if there is a problem with software protection service then it cannot enforce digital licenses.
  • Software protection service should not be confused with antivirus tool. So, if a virus or malware has already entered your computer it will also affect the software protection service.
  • And lastly if your computer has some registry errors then software protection service cannot help you.

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So if you want to keep the software protection services you have to ensure that you take care of these errors.

  • Clean up you system with Disk Cleanup. Over a period of time the lot of unwanted stuff gets collected on your system without your knowledge. This leads to slowing down of the processes. In turn you will get Software protection service error. If you run Disk Cleanup you will get a faster performance and error will disappear as well. Sometimes it is not as effective as you would like it to be, in such a case go for better cleaning service like the WinSweeper.
  • If you get errors because of specific program then you could try reinstalling Windows 8 customer related software. To do that, go to the Start Menu and right click on it. You will get the Start Context Menu. On the menu click on Programs and Features. Find the Software Protection service program(Windows 8 Consumer preview ISO images) and click on it. Choose uninstall. Now follow Microsoft instructions and reinstall the same. If this does not work then Perform System Restore. It will restore your system to the previous state. Take a backup of data before you perform System Restore.
  • Put your system through a full malware checkup. Malware can not only destroy important files but it is possible that the errors you are getting are a result of this malware. Do an antivirus check too.
  • To repair registry entries manually you have to be an expert at such stuff. So, unless you are an expert the next best option is to get someone who is familiar with it to do the repair
  • You can also make sure that drivers of various software tools are up to date. Also that your Windows update is enabled for automatic updation.

If you still get errors then the best way to enable software protection services on Windows 8 is to reinstall it. We all know how much time that is going to take, so before doing that make sure you have exhausted all other possibilities.

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