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SpeakToMe offers an ‘Unusual’ way to monetize your blog/site traffic

How to earn extra money on internet SpeakToMe. SpeakToMe offers an ‘Unusual’ way to monetize your blog/site traffic

Most of the bloggers/online experts spend time updating their blogs/sites to someday become eligible for making decent money online through advertisements(be it Google Ads,third party or any other).

But only a sleek percentage of folks actually taste high payout through blogs/sites,that to after long and consistent efforts.One of the major reasons behind this is the the low CPM rates in online advertising.

As the payout is quite low,the blogs/sites need to build high traffic before earning considerable money out of their traction.So,what about those blogs/sites having few thousand uniques(inspite of good expertise/knowledge bank of the blogger) ? Is there any way out for bloggers to earn big with relatively low traffic ?

SpeakToMe has tried to solve this problem.It basically lets you try a new advertising system which does not involve any advertisers.It provides you with a widget complemented with a webcam,chat room,telephony and ecommerce capabilitiesthat can be embedded on any blog or website.It allows individual readers to speak directly to a blogger or publisher over the telephone for a per-minute charge.

The “client” sees the “expert” in the SpeakToMe widget on a live video feed,including sound.A chat room is available next to the video window for free chat conversation.If the client wishes to be connected to the expert over the telephone, a click of the button starts a private video and chat session while placing a telephone call to both the expert and the client.They are speaking together within seconds, and the paid conversation has begun.

The service is free to blog/site owners.There are no start-up costs.SpeakToMe takes 10% of any revenues paid by the client(quite justified) and the expert takes over 80% of the revenues.The rest of the gross revenues, less than 10%, go to pay for credit card fees, broadband fees and telephony charges.

What’s so unique about it ?

This service offers a new online business model, one of peer-to-peer payment rather than the “three-legged stool” of publisher-reader-advertiser.If this business model catches on, it could be the backbone of online advisory and social media based businesses.

According to Edward E. Murphy,founder of SpeakToMe(former founder of MarketPlayer, Inc., an online stock competition company) who has bootstrapped this startup with $20,000 so far,one can expect multi-language support and mobile version of this service very soon.

Challenges to face…

SpeakToMe suits basically those who are kinda experts in a field and therefore can consult/troubleshoot issues talking LIVE to the visitors having respective issues.But for those bloggers/site owners having no such intention of sharing screen with their visitors,the service looks tough to get digested.

Also,in today’s generation when music labels have,sort of surrendered in front of online public and are gearing up for advertising system(as the pay-per-download system is just dying),because hardly any user is willing to pay for downloading music,it seems tough to convince users to pay for a chat or a conversation(with higher charges).

No doubts,the system is unique but it will be tough to convince the folks.But if this system works out,it will define another unique way of making money online.

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