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Disable WMA Playback on PS3

Generally game files for ps3 are coded in WMA and if you don’t want them in WMA, then here you can learn how to disable WMA playback on PS3.

Windows Media Audio (WMA) is technically an Audio compression, courtesy the ever evolving data technology. Developed by Microsoft, It’s the proprietary form of the technology which does form a part of the Frame work of Windows Media. It comprises of four different codec’s which can be mentioned as – WMA Pro, WMA Voice etc.

PS3 (play station 3), is an evolution in the world of Video Games which is produced by Sony Computer Entertainment.  It gained edge over its earlier avatar the PS2 and transformed into a lethal weapon giving a run for money to the market contemporaries like Nintendo’s Wii, Microsoft’s Xbox360 and the small and big bandwagons of the console world. It was first showcased at Japan, in the year 2006 (November).The rest, as they say is history!

However, among those few pain areas often complained by PS3 buffs, one is the Cinavia DRM which stops movie playback jitters or interrupts the audio with an annoying notification popup to reset the system to default settings to watch movies or continue playbacks.

There are two schools of thoughts around this bug. One, think that this problem surfaces only when you use HDMI as audio output under options Sound Settings>Audio Output Settings. While the other school believes that as a manufacturer Sony sets limitations over watching movies of certain formats.

PS3Versions Solution:

So, how do you fix this? Well, it has been proven on many occasions that disabling the WMA playback on PS3 actually does the trick and brings life (read sound) back to your PS3.One doesn’t essentially need to take the PS3 back to its default settings.

Before you begin, ensure that you are backed with pre-requisites such as a fairly fast Internet connection and an uninterrupted power supply.

The steps to follow while disabling the WMA playback on the P3 is as listed;

  • In the menu bar of the XMB home, you will have to go to the option of settings. Followed by system settings and click on the option of disable the WMA playback) and then click on the option ok.
  • PS3 will be offering the user with the agreement which needs to be read carefully and understood accordingly. For accepting the agreement you will have to scroll down with the directional keys and then select the option of select.
  • In case you have accepted the agreement, an information bar will flash on your screen stating the system is going to try to connect to the internet.
  • When the PS3 is going to check for internet link, you will have to select the appropriate connection which you are using and then click on the ok button. When you have made the changes the PS3 will be attempting to connect further and solve the issue based on the requirement,.
  • Once the PS3 is able to connect successfully then it will be notifying the user that the WMA has been disabled successfully and there has been a permanent change which has been attempted for the PS3 and the WMA setup.

This work around has been tried and tested by many users. However, Sony has not officially acknowledged this bug in the system.



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