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How to Disable IE in Windows 8

Many people say that Internet Explorer is pathetic. So this article will tell you how to disable it in Windows 8.

There is no doubt there Internet Explorer has dramatically improved since its previous version, numerous users still prefer staying with some other alternative browser. Microsoft did not allow its users to disable Internet Explorer before Windows 7. Previously, users were not able to disable this browser.

There are some options you must consider before attempting to disable IE for Windows 8. You should understand that, even though online services on Windows are no longer dependent on Internet Explorer, there are certain features like TSS feeds which are available mostly on this browser. There are still certain websites which depend majorly on Internet Explorer as their most trusted browser. On the other hand, every other prominent alternative browser does work on Windows 8. However, you may have to wait further for any kind of official support as the OS is under development at present. There is a possibility of certain bugs as well. You should also install one second browser if your first preferred browser fails to respond to your needs properly.

How to disable IE in Windows 8

  • Supposing you do not have any other browser installed on your PC, use Internet Explorer to visit the official site of your preferred browser. You can save the installation file on the desktop as it is a convenient reference to remember the location. Close IE after you save the file.

  • Now you have to open the installation file and install the preferred browser (e.g. Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox). If you are an active user of Metro UI, every new application will appear by the end of your list. You can Right-click the IE icon and unpin it from the Start menu. You should also unpin the same from the taskbar.

  • If Windows 8 is used on any virtual machine, there is a possibility for you to download the specific browser from its Host machine. You can drag your installer on to desktop in classical mode with no Internet Explorer to be used.

  • Now it is time to make an alternate browser the default one for your PC, in accordance with your preference. You can make this your default browser by going to the Settings of the browser. On the contrary, this may not work in some cases. If you wish to resolve the same, you have to go to the desktop mode. Here, you have to hold [Win] as well as [R], which means (Windows + R). You have to write “control panel” on the blank of Run. Press Return/Enter.

  • You have to click Programs now. Select Default Programs. Here you can set access to programs and other computer defaults. Select a Configuration here. Click Custom. When you go the option where you can select the default browser or the favourite browser, uncheck the option for enabling access to that program beside IE. Thereafter, click OK for completing the operation.

  • Disabling Internet Explorer can be done by going to Control Panel. When you go to Programs, you can find the option to Uninstall a specific program. Click the option for turning Windows features off or on.

  • You will find Windows Features. There you can uncheck IE and click OK. Then, you may be required to restart/reboot your computer. When your computer starts again, you will find Internet Explorer disabled.

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