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How to Disable Administrator Account in Windows 8

Admin rights are only provided to administrator account, so a normal user can’t change some settings. This article will help you in disabling administrator account in Windows 8.

An administrator account is almost as indispensable as the master key to a lock as few administrative tasks which require elevated access to executed via administrator accounts only. And if a standard user wants to execute those programs an administrator has to grant explicit access to the standard user. However there are occasions where the administrator account needs to be disabled, either to reduce administrative overheads or make the system limited user access only. Let’s explore three different ways to disable an administrator account in Windows 8.

  • Disabling the administrator via the command prompt

      • For disabling the administrator you will have to execute the command net user administrator /active: no and press the key of enter.

    • Once it’s done enter the option exit and you will be out of the window of command prompt. The above action will close the command window.

  • Enabling or disabling the administrator at the boot time through the Command prompt

    • You will have to start command prompt while the system boots up.

    • Within command prompt enter the command regedit and then press enter.

    • You will be able to see the registry editor, in which you could find different folders with names like HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT, HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE etc. You will have to select the option HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE.

    • Once it’s done you will come across a window which will be showing you the option of file-load hive-you will have to click on it.

    • After which you will have to open the D drive where you have installed the windows 8 and then move to the below mentioned location.

    • The path should be D:WindowsSystem32config– from here you will have to select the option of file named “SAM”. When you have set your cursor on the SAM file click on it and it will open a new window.

    • Within the load Hive dialogue box option you will have to enter the command REM_SAM

    • On the expanded left hand pane will have to navigate more and search for the key -> HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINEREM_SAMSAMDomainsAccountsUsers00001F4

    • You will have to make some changes to the 2nd column and the 8th row where you will have to change the value of 10 to 11. And this could be done by bringing the cursor to the position of 10, delete and then changing it.

    • Once it’s done you can exit the editor window and command prompt.

    • Once all is over you are asked to exit and continue to the windows 8, once it is restarted, you will come across the in-built administrator for signing in into it.

How to Disable Administrator Account in Windows 8

  • Enabling or Disabling the administrator via the local groups and users (Feature only available on Windows 8 Pro and Enterprise family)-

    • You will have to press the option Windows +R for opening the dialogue box of run. Execute the command lusrmgr.msc and click ok

    • This will execute a snap in window with the three panel’s one on the left and other on the right and one in centre. In the left panel-you will see options like local groups and users and in the centre panel you will see administrator etc. you will have to click on the administrator, when you do so you will come across the administrator properties.

    • Where you will find three tabs-General, Member of and Profile.

    • Click on the General- there you can check in the check box labelled as Account is Disabled. And confirm the action by clicking OK.

    • Save your action next and this will disable the administrator account for Windows 8.

      We recommend only advanced users to execute these steps as they involve modifying the system registry hive and other advanced level of tweaking.

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