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How to Delete Facebook Dating: Your Comprehensive Guide

how to delete facebook dating

In today’s digital age, where social networking platforms are expanding their reach into various spheres of our lives, Facebook made its foray into the world of online dating. However, like all digital features, there might come a time when you wish to step back. If you’re wondering “how to delete Facebook Dating,” you’re in the right place. This comprehensive guide will cover everything from deleting your profile to removing the app entirely.

How to Delete Facebook Dating Profile

Entering the world of online dating can be exhilarating, but there might come a time when you feel the need to step back. Whether it’s because you’ve found someone special, wish to take a break, or simply prefer not to use the platform anymore, knowing how to delete your Facebook Dating profile is essential. If you’re asking, “how to delete Facebook Dating profile?”, this guide is here to help.

Steps to Delete Your Profile

  1. Open Facebook on Your Device: Whether you’re using a mobile device or desktop, start by accessing your Facebook account.
  2. Navigate to the Dating Section: On the mobile app, tap on the three horizontal lines (hamburger menu) typically found in the bottom right corner for iOS or the top right for Android. From there, scroll down and select “Dating”. On the desktop, find and click on the Dating bookmark on the left sidebar.
  3. Access Settings: Within the Dating homepage, locate the gear icon, which represents the settings, and tap on it.
  4. Locate the Delete Option: Scroll down in the settings until you come across the “Delete Profile” option. It’s essential to note that this will delete all your dating profile data, including your matches and conversations.
  5. Confirm Your Decision: After tapping on “Delete Profile”, Facebook will prompt you to confirm your decision. You might also be asked for feedback regarding why you’re leaving. Once you’ve gone through this, your Facebook Dating profile will be permanently deleted.

What Happens When You Delete?

  • Profile Disappearance: Your profile will no longer be visible to potential matches, and all data associated with Facebook Dating will be erased.
  • Main Facebook Profile Remains Unaffected: It’s essential to note that while the dating aspect is removed, your main Facebook profile remains unaffected. This means your photos, friend list, posts, and other data on the primary platform are untouched. If you’re looking to delete Facebook entirely, that’s a separate process.
  • Data Retrieval: Once you confirm the deletion, the action is irreversible. This means if you decide to return to Facebook Dating later, you’ll have to start from scratch.

Things to Consider Before Deleting

  1. Taking a Break Instead: If you’re unsure about completely deleting your profile but need a temporary respite, consider pausing your profile instead. This feature allows you to take a break without losing your data.
  2. Feedback to Facebook: If you’re leaving due to negative experiences, consider providing feedback when prompted. This can help the platform make improvements.

How to Delete Facebook Dating App

With a multitude of apps and features at our fingertips, it can sometimes be a bit confusing when we want to declutter or streamline our digital experiences. For those pondering “how to delete Facebook Dating app,” it’s crucial to note a significant distinction. Facebook Dating isn’t a standalone application; instead, it’s a feature embedded within the main Facebook app. Therefore, the process is a tad different than deleting regular apps. Here’s what you need to know.

Understanding the Integration

Before diving into the steps, it’s essential to understand that Facebook Dating is an integral part of the Facebook application. As a result, you can’t delete it in the same way you’d uninstall other apps from your device. However, there are ways to hide or remove its presence:

Steps to Remove Facebook Dating Access:

  1. Hide the Facebook Dating Feature:
    • Open the main Facebook app.
    • Tap on the three horizontal lines (often called the hamburger menu) located in the top right corner for Android or the bottom right for iOS.
    • Navigate through the menu and find the “Dating” section.
    • Use the settings within this section to hide or minimize notifications or its visibility on your dashboard.
  2. Delete the Main Facebook App:
    • If you wish to entirely remove Facebook and all its associated features, including Facebook Dating, from your device, you’ll need to delete the entire Facebook app.
    • For iOS: Press and hold the Facebook app icon until it starts to wiggle. Tap the “X” that appears on the icon, then tap “Delete.”
    • For Android: Navigate to your device’s settings, find the “Apps” or “Application Manager” section, locate the Facebook app, and then select “Uninstall.”
  3. Access via Browser:
    • Remember, even if you delete the app from your device, your Facebook account (including the Dating section, if set up) is still accessible via a web browser unless you’ve taken steps to deactivate or delete your account.


  • Profile Deletion is Separate: Deleting the Facebook app or hiding the Dating feature doesn’t automatically delete your Facebook Dating profile. If you want to remove your profile, you’ll need to follow the steps outlined in the “how to delete Facebook Dating profile” section.
  • Reinstallation: If you only wish to take a break, you can always reinstall the Facebook app later. Keep in mind, though, that if you’ve deleted your Facebook Dating profile, you’ll have to set it up again.

How to Get Facebook Dating Back After Deleting

Regret is a universal feeling, and when it comes to online decisions, it’s no different. Perhaps you took a break from the world of digital dating but have since changed your mind. If you’re wondering “how to get Facebook Dating back after deleting,” you’ll be pleased to learn that Facebook allows you to reestablish your presence in the dating realm. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you dive back into the Facebook Dating world.

Steps to Retrieve Facebook Dating:

  1. Access Facebook: Begin by launching the Facebook application on your device. Ensure you’re logged in to your main Facebook account.
  2. Navigate to the Dating Section: On the mobile app, tap the three horizontal lines (often referred to as the hamburger menu) situated in the top right for Android or the bottom right for iOS. Scroll down and select the “Dating” option.
  3. Recreate Your Profile: Since you had previously deleted your Facebook Dating profile, you’ll have to set up a new one. You’ll be directed to the Dating homepage where you can start creating your profile anew.
    • Add new profile pictures or select from your existing Facebook photos.
    • Edit or add personal details, preferences, interests, and other required data.
    • Customize your dating preferences in terms of match criteria.
  4. Understand the Fresh Start: It’s vital to recognize that this new profile is a fresh start. All your previous matches, messages, and interactions would have been deleted with your previous profile and can’t be retrieved.
  5. Review Privacy Settings: As you set up your new profile, take a moment to review the privacy settings to ensure you’re comfortable with the information you’re sharing.

Things to Consider:

  • Give It Time: If you’ve recently deleted your Facebook Dating profile, it might take a short period before the system allows you to create a new one. Be patient and try again after a few hours if you encounter any issues.
  • Different Experience: The digital dating landscape is ever-evolving. Features get updated, and user behaviors change. Approach your new Facebook Dating profile with an open mind and remember that experiences might differ from the past.
  • Notifications & Preferences: If you had customized settings in your deleted profile, like notifications or matching preferences, remember to readjust them in your new profile.

How To Remove The Facebook Dating Icon

The Facebook Dating icon can be a nifty way to access the dating feature quickly. However, for users who no longer wish to use the service or simply want to declutter their dashboard, having the icon visible can be distracting. If you’ve been wondering, “How to remove the Facebook Dating icon?”, here’s a detailed guide to help you achieve a cleaner look.

Steps to Hide the Facebook Dating Icon:

  1. Open Facebook App: Launch the main Facebook application on your smartphone or tablet.
  2. Access the Hamburger Menu: Tap on the three horizontal lines, often located in the top right corner for Android or the bottom right for iOS. This will open a list of options.
  3. Find ‘Settings & Privacy’: Scroll down the list until you find the ‘Settings & Privacy’ option, then tap on it to expand further settings.
  4. Access ‘Settings’: Tap on ‘Settings’ from the expanded list.
  5. Search for Shortcut Settings: Once inside the settings, there should be a search bar at the top. Type “shortcuts” in the search bar and find an option related to managing shortcuts.
  6. Modify Shortcuts: Locate the Facebook Dating option within the shortcuts list. From here, you should be given the option to remove or hide the icon from your main dashboard.
  7. Confirm the Changes: Once done, the changes should be immediate, and you should no longer see the Facebook Dating icon on your main dashboard.

Things to Note:

  • Feature Accessibility: Remember, hiding the icon doesn’t deactivate or delete your Facebook Dating profile. The feature is still accessible from the main list in the hamburger menu.
  • Re-adding the Icon: If you ever decide to use Facebook Dating actively again and want the icon back for quicker access, you can usually do so from the same shortcut settings.
  • Icon Appearance: The visibility of the icon can sometimes depend on Facebook’s algorithm and your usage patterns. If you don’t use the Dating feature frequently, the icon might naturally move down the list or be hidden, replaced by other more frequently used features.

How Is A Dating Profile Different From A Regular Facebook Profile?

The introduction of Facebook Dating added a new dimension to the platform’s expansive suite of features. For many, it offered a convenient way to delve into the world of online dating. However, it also brought up questions about privacy, distinctions, and how Facebook manages dual profiles. If you’ve been contemplating the differences and asking, “How is a dating profile different from a regular Facebook profile?”, you’re not alone. Here’s a comprehensive breakdown.

1. Purpose & Content:

  • Regular Facebook Profile: This is your primary profile, designed for connecting with friends, family, colleagues, and other acquaintances. It contains your posts, photos, updates, and is where you can share content, engage with others, and partake in various Facebook features.
  • Dating Profile: Specifically crafted for the dating feature, this profile facilitates romantic connections. It will include details relevant to dating such as preferences, interests in a romantic context, and more.

2. Visibility:

  • Regular Profile: Visible to Facebook friends and, depending on your privacy settings, possibly to a broader audience.
  • Dating Profile: Your Facebook friends won’t see your dating profile, ensuring privacy. Additionally, only those who have opted into the Facebook Dating service will see it.

3. Integration and Autonomy:

  • Regular Profile: Acts as the hub for all your Facebook activities.
  • Dating Profile: Although integrated within the main Facebook app, it operates relatively autonomously. Actions on your dating profile, like liking someone’s picture, won’t appear on your regular Facebook feed.

4. Matchmaking Criteria:

  • Regular Profile: Connections are typically based on mutual friends, shared interests, or activities.
  • Dating Profile: Matches are suggested based on preferences, interests, and other factors specified within the dating feature. Your existing Facebook friends are excluded from potential matches to avoid awkward situations.

5. Messaging System:

  • Regular Profile: Uses Facebook Messenger, where you can chat with Facebook friends and others, share media, and even make calls.
  • Dating Profile: Features a separate messaging interface where only texts can be sent. This means no sharing of images, links, or videos, ensuring a safer dating environment.

6. Profile Details:

  • Regular Profile: Contains comprehensive details about your life, including education, work, photos, videos, posts, and more.
  • Dating Profile: Offers a more curated view with information that is pertinent to dating. While it may pull some details from your main profile (like your first name), you decide what details to display.

7. Notifications:

  • Regular Profile: You receive notifications about friend requests, messages, post interactions, and more.
  • Dating Profile: Has its own separate set of notifications related to likes, messages, and other interactions within the dating feature.

Wrapping It Up

Whether you’ve found love, want a break, or simply feel that Facebook Dating isn’t for you, knowing “how to delete Facebook Dating” is essential. With platforms continuously evolving and integrating more features, it’s always a good idea to stay informed about managing your online presence effectively. Remember, digital tools are there to cater to your needs, so feel free to customize or change them as you see fit!

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