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How to Crush Your Trade Show Presentation

A presentation must be one that attracts and influences 100 percent audience. Learn how to crush your trade show presentation.

Your product is the sure to set the world on its ear. It’s the iPhone, indoor plumbing, LolCats, and sliced bread all rolled up into one. However, right now it’s just a prototype, a program, an idea. You need investors and clients.

The art of selling at a tech trade show is its own art form. Show up prepared, connect with as many attendees as possible, and make your mark.

Booth with a Bang

Make bold design decisions for your booth. Research booth design companies and choose one that specializes in custom trade show displays and graphic presentation for businesses. Make your booth stand out as a landmark. Even if people don’t initially know what you’re offering, they will take notice if your booth is the highlight of the floor.

Design your booth to be accessible and inviting. Consider options like creating a small lounge or docking station to entice visitors to How to Crush Your Trade Show Presentationstay. Utility invites weary trade show goers in–just make sure the convention hall placement allows you enough power to support your presentation and other people’s computing.

If your booth is off the beaten path, send emissaries in to the trade show to direct traffic back toward you. Bad placement is like getting a bad hand in poker, you don’t necessarily have to fold. Use your wits and charisma to attract people off the beaten path.

Swag To Their Needs

Traditional trade show-goers leave with a fistful of of pens and rubber coasters. Offer visitors to your booth something of value. Anticipate the needs of trade show attendees whether it be bottle openers, tablet sleeves, or mints. Get creative; your best promotional swag should represent your product. Consider giving out your product itself for free to generate interest and push your idea out beyond the boundaries of the trade show floor.

If you opt to provide informational peripherals, keep them to one sheet or better yet QR code the link and save the cash on printing.

Get Your Pitch Down to a Science

Build a foolproof presentation that can be given in 60 second or less. Distill the essence of your product down to its hook. Whether your app helps people find their lost keys or businesses reclaim lost accounts, find a way to demonstrate the soul of your product quickly and effectively.

This might include an impromptu demo, or a simple walk-through presentation via Haiku or Keynote. However you decide to present your product: rehearse! In-booth presentations should be polished. Your confidence projects onto your product. Don’t get rattled by unexpected questions, be able to address any projected deficiencies with poise and candor by preparing for all conversations.

Network Before You Even Step Foot Inside

Set-up meetings before you even get to the trade show. Investors and potential clients do not lollygag around the tradeshow floor looking for the next best thing. Setting up appointments with VIPs takes networking chutzpah before the tradeshow even begins. Structure an organized day of meetings. Leave enough room in your schedule compensate for tardiness or for that meeting that goes long because it’s going so well. Investors and clients are allowed to be late, you aren’t.

Go to the Hotel Bar

Part of the magic of trade shows is in the centralization of so much innovative talent and dynamism. Be sure to take a breath and socialize with your fellow developers. Have a pitch in hand, but be willing to listen to what others are doing. Create connections that might lead to future investment or collaboration. A shared beer might lead to landing a great client later. Be casual and confident. Enjoy the social aspect of like-minded professionals unwinding together.

With solid prep work and a great product, trade shows launch careers. Maximize the benefits of attending a trade show by showing up good looking and prepared for entrepreneurial battle.

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