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How to Change IP Address on Windows 8

Here in this tutorial we will tell you how to change IP address on Windows 8. Complete procedure is explained below:

IP (International Protocol Address) describes the numeric value which is assigned to every device which is under the network of the computer. They are generally used for the communication purposes. Serving two most common functions like host identification and the address of the location. Different roles depict their importance such as Name- suggests what to look for, Address indicates at what location it is and route –depicts that how to reach there.

Amongst the plethora of questions that Windows 8 has evoked, one is “how to change the IP address” of network based clients. Most common reason why the end user needs to change the IP is to avoid the restrictions which are enforced by some of the sharing networks like p2p.  For every version or systems the settings differ in some or the other way. Let’s focus on changing of the IP address on Windows 8. The steps which need to be followed are mentioned below:- How to Change IP Address on Windows 8

  1. Begin with the start screen:  You can use the windows button on the keyboard or can also reach by clicking on the left side corner of the screen on the window. So once you have reached the start screen you should right click on the blank area which will allow you to see the different application icons on the bottom panel.
  2. As soon as you are able to view the applications scroll down until you are able to get the control panel-which will be on the right hand side. Next click on the control panel. Upon clicking you will be able to see a tick mark, and you will be able to see a few options like pin to start and pin to taskbar. Now you will have to go ahead with right clicking on the pin start and then on the pin to taskbar.
  3. After completing the above task, you should browse to the control panel .You will have to click on the Network and sharing centre. When the window opens then you will have to change the settings with respect to the change adapter settings.
  4. You are advised to right-click on Network adapter, which you wish to make static. And then click on the properties which will be showing you with the following options such as disable,status,diagnose,bridge connections, create shortcut, delete ,rename and properties. Where you will be able to view that “status” is highlighted and “delete” option has been disabled.
  5. Next choose the Internet protocol version 4 (TCP/IPv4).Out there you will have to open the properties .Where you will have to work under the general tab.There you have two options –the first is obtaining an IP address automatically / use the following IP address. (Where you can add the address of the IP-which has three options IP address (DHCP), Subnet Task and default gateway.) and second is obtain the DNS server address automatically/ use the following DNS server address ( Preferred DNS Server and Alternate DNS server) – and then you have option of validate the setting upon exit- and three buttons of Advanced, ok and cancel.
  6. In this you should select the option of Use the following IP address by mentioning the IP addresses and also the use the following DNS server address and check on the validate and then finally on the ok options.

Your system should now be configured with the desired IP address!

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