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How to become a beta tester for Xbox 720?

Xbox is one of the best gaming console and you can become a beta tester for Xbox 720. This article will tell you how to become a beta tester for Xbox 720.

Now is the opportunity to become a beta tester for Microsoft’s brand new gaming console, the Xbox 720. Microsoft has come up with beta testing program for getting valuable feedback from gamers around the world based on which they will launch the final product. For limited period of time which is 3 months you will get a chance to try the new Xbox 720 from Microsoft and provide your valuable feedback to them.

What you are expected to provide is inputs that will state how you expect the system to be improved before the final release in 2013. Microsoft has also decided to send all users a DVD of latest Halo 4 game which you can load and play in the Xbox 720 which is part of beta testing program.

This is the best chance to become one of the members of Microsoft Xbox gaming history and become the first few people to use this amazing gaming console. All you can do is fill up your E-mail address, name and contact details in order to enter the beta testing program. In order to apply for becoming a beta tester for Xbox 720, you should go to Microsoft’s gaming website and register yourself by using the passport network credentials.

All you require is the E-mail Id and password used for signing in to Microsoft Passport network. If you don’t have a password network account, you can create a new account by going to website Once you have registered using your Passport network account, then the request can be forwarded to concerned product team for consideration and review.

How to become a beta tester for Xbox 720

Due to high volume of requests from gamers around the world, only the people who are shortlisted will be contacted for further details and provided an opportunity to take part in the testing program. Microsoft is looking out for volunteers to test its new Xbox 720 loaded with amazing features which is codenamed Durango.

This console is expected to be launched in the year 2013 and Microsoft is hoping to make things better based on the inputs from the users. They had a similar beta testing program for Xbox 360 and received a good response from hardcore gamers all around the world. If you register in the Microsoft connect website using the Passport network credentials, you will provided with beta version of Xbox 720 live update which will give you complete access to all latest features including voice search, IE browsers, ratings and recommendations for all games, enhanced search category etc.

For participating in the beta testing program, Microsoft requires all users to sign-up a Non-disclosure agreement with them that means they should not post the game screenshots on any social media websites like Facebook or Twitter and also share any confidential information about the new features to general public. You should not share information about unreleased features to general public through any online means. The NDA enforcement group will take care of violators and they will be disqualified immediately and update will be blocked. Also there is a 5-minute survey which you should answer once you complete the beta testing program giving feedback on your experience with new Xbox 720 and the features.

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